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Kim Hewitt (1967 - 1974)


My name is Kim Hewitt (Thompson) and I was born in Belfast in 1963. I attended Elmgrove up to age 11. I passed the 11 plus and then went to Grovenor School. I stayed for three years and we came to Canada in 1976. We have now been here 21 years. I have two children, aged 8 and 14 who would love to correspond with some kids from my home town. If there are any of your children interested, the school here has their own web site and perhaps we could write back and forwards.

It seems that there have been some changes over the years. We sure did not have a computer back then. Good to see the school is still standing though. My younger brother, Thomas Hewitt, also went there as did many of my relatives. If the name is recognizable, perhaps someone would like to write back.

Mrs K. Thompson