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Language Development

Language development is crucial to living and learning: to communicate with others, to share and express feelings, to give and obtain information, and to understand ideas and develop thoughts. Being able to understand and use language allows children to:
• make their needs, thoughts, feelings and ideas known
• interact socially as they play together
• manage their own behaviour and self-regulate their emotions
• learn independently and collaboratively


Developing a love of stories and books is important for language development. In our nursery children learn to understand that books can provide information and help to answer questions. Children are provided access to a wide range of suitable books and writing materials in various play areas. We also provide opportunities to take books home to share with parents/guardians/ carers. 


Writing, including scribbling and mark-making, is a way to express and exchange thoughts or ideas. Although children are not introduced to any elements of the formal teaching of writing, we provide opportunities for children to observe adults writing. However, some children may show an early interest in this as they play, for example beginning to experiment with forming letters and opportunities are available in play areas to encourage children to experiment with writing as part of play-based learning. 

Children will be learning to: 

  • understand and follow simple instructions
  • enjoy listening to stories
  • take part in conversations with adults and peers
  • enjoy browsing in the book corner
  • know that the printed word has meaning
  • re-tell a story from pictures 
  • recognise their own first name