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Lila Keenan (1945 - 1956)

Dear Mr Livingston, My name is Lila Keenan (now Harmer) I attended Elmgrove 1945-1956 approx. I lived in Bramcote St, Bloomfield Rd and remember clearly the following teachers, Miss Douglas, McMurtry Mrs Archer, I think a Miss Livingston (any relative) Mr Preston, Mr Harrison, Mr Scott and not forgetting Mr Fulton (Fultie). If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have passed my 11+. He certainly knew how to use the cane. I had quite a few sore fingers. I've just remembered a Miss Shannon who had quite a temper and lifted the first thing came into her hands. I clearly remember one day I was collecting the dinner money from her class and as I opened the door she had just thrown a blackboard duster at a boy, who had thrown his pencil case at her which whizzed past my head. So even in the 40's there was RAGE.  After Elmgrove I went to Bloomfield Collegiate but was known there as Mary Keenan, this being the name I was christened. So if anyone remembers me please contact me through this site. I haven't any photos back then but my cousin is in one of the photos of the 60's on your site her name is Julie Edgar (now Morris). Good luck in your search and well done on the site I have enjoyed reading the letters and looking at old photos. If anyone remembers me please contact me.

Lila Keenan (now Harmer)