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Lynn Taylor (1978 - 1984)

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000

Dear Mr Livingston

I contacted you nearly a year ago regarding photographs of the 1982 Christmas Concert, mainly because I was in them playing the flute in the orchestra. I am now starting my sixth year of teaching Primary 1 in Newtownards Model Primary School.
I return to your site out of interest now and again. During this visit I discovered more photographs and I am able to help you with some of them. Firstly, the photo entitled 'Women'. I think the lady in the far right is Miss Josephine Holmes who until a few years ago was a P1 teacher at Elmgrove. I am also quite certain that the lady 3rd from the left is Mrs May Cole who was also a teacher. After much debate(!) my parents think that the photo was taken during the Sixties. We know Josephine and May very well as I and my two sisters went to Elmgrove. My sisters were at Elmgrove during the late 60s but I cannot see them in any of the photos. The next photo I can help with was taken outside the canteen. I think the teacher is Mrs Downey and that I am 2nd from the left in the back row! However I would need to see the photo more clearly to be sure. Mrs Downey was my P2 teacher so, if it is me in the photo, it would have been taken during 1978/79. I was very interested to see the 'Orchestra (1984?)' photo. I left in 1984 but cannot see myself in the photo. However, I do recognise others in it who were a couple of years younger than me. The girl playing the flute 2nd row from the back and 4th from the left is Alison Turnbull. Both of us played together in the orchestra and she appears in a photo that I have of the orchestra which would have been taken around 1983/84. The girl at the far right of the same row playing the violin is Isobel Gibb. Isobel is now teaching in Curry Primary in Belfast. I know Isobel quite well and would see her sometimes. Finally the boy playing the euphonium sitting in the front row 2nd from the right is John Murdoch. His sister Judith was in my class at Elmgrove.
I have to congratulate you once again on the terrific site. I hope that if I manage to find time to do the Model's site it will be almost as good as yours!!

All the best
Lynn Taylor