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Miss McBride's Class Performing at Stranmillis College Theatre (1994-5)

An email from Sam Preshur has supplied me with most names. If you know anybody in these photos contact the school.

Sam tells me "We were taking part in a cross comunnity project to show all the different elements of the Earth in this production which I think might have been filmed for TV but I'm not totally sure. We were representing water and we had to learn a routine to show all the different stages of a river. I can't remember too much about it but I remember how we had to rehearse in the assembly hall for weeks beforehand and we all considered it quite important that we did it properly. A choreographer was brought in to teach us the routine and it was all great fun."
Details of fifth picture in set:
Back Row left to right: Caroline Burke, Jennifer Thompson, Sian Yau, Jennifer Warnock, Sara Girvin, Carrie-Anne Reid, ??
Middle Row left to right:Glenn Kewley, Mark Truesdale, William Hammersley, Jay Fitzsimmons, Glenn Cochrane, David Savage, Sam Preshur, Mark Hanna,
Front Row: Debbie Moore, Kirsty McKeown, Lucinda Porter, Lynsday Agnew, Tammy Hagan.