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Mr. A. Mackay (1968 - 1975)

Dear Mr Livingston and pupils at Elmgrove Primary,

Congratulations on an excellent site!

I am an ex pupil of Elmgrove Primary (1968 - 1975) so it was fascinating to read about what is happening now in your school.
I am now a teacher too! (Vice Principal in Lisburn Central Primary School) so I know how much work must go into a web site like this.
We are currently going on-line at Lisburn Central. As soon as we have an e-mail address, I'll get some of my pupils to write to you, if you like.
I wonder are there any of my old teachers still at Elmgrove: Miss Neill (P1), Miss Beckwith (P6), Mrs Wilson (P3) I'm sure they must have all moved on by now, or retired, or gone to that great school in the sky!!

Anyway, thankyou once again for providing such an enjoyable and informative site,

Yours sincerely,

Mr. A. McKay