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Mr Gray's Class 1999 - 2000

At Work :

Industry Matters  Competition

Mr. Gray's class etered an "Industry Matters" competition. They sold mugs with the school logo on the side. They were invited to a ceremony at the BBC Blackstaff Studios. They carried out an investigation about industry at Coca-Cola bottlers near Hilden. After market reasearch within the school to find which product would sell well it was decided to launch the "Super Mugs". The entry was highly commended and the judges spoke highly of how the pupils were so knowledgable about their entry.

UTV Sports Bag

Mr. Gray encouraged the children to enter a comeption to win sports equipment by writing a poem.


D. B. :

P.7 Work



My new years resolution was to help my mum
in the house and help old people about the area.
I can not wait until I go to my new school and see how my new teachers are.
Leaving school will be sad and starting a new new one well be as well.
Looking round the school might give me an idea of what it well be like.
every body is looking forward to there 11+ results.
Nine weeks of school will be the best day of my life.
Nearly every body knows what school there going to .
I can not wait until I get my 11+ results cause am getting a phone .
Usually I will see my brother there because he is at the school I hope to be going to .
Millennium who knows what it will bring?



P.6 Work




Five , four, there, two, one , OFF the race begins Spit pushes off spit is in the lead but here comes Leslie nose is just in front of spit and now they both pull together Leslie looks like he's got a good idea. Leslie starts tal king . Spit does not know that Leslies wheels are screwing off Spits when spit sees he shouts stop Leslie says no way should I well show you why spit zoomed down the hill and Leslie crashed into the wall spit tried to turn but the string broke and spit crashed into the crowd there was only 5 meters to go they were drawing but spit puts his foot on the go pedal but Leslie is right beside him spit said you are going to wish you were never born. Spit grabs a piece of slimy mud and smacks it right on Leslie face. Leslie pulls the stop break and wing Leslie goes flying off his trolly his head got stuck between two bars and Spits nose touched the cemetery.
BY Darren

C. B. :

P.7 Work



In N.Ireland we eat many different foods. There are five different food groups for example, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. We eat crisps which you would call chips. We eat chocolate or as you would call it candy. We also drink lemonade which you would call it soda. My favourite dinner is a turkey dinner. If you want to stay healthy you should eat a balanced diet. What you eat now it affects your health in later life, so be wise in what you eat. In school we get different foods everyday. The dinner ladies cook meals everyday, but I prefer my big brother's food. I tease him by calling him Ainsley Harriot (Ainsley is a person who cooks on television show), because he is a good cook.
By Christopher


Changes in the New Year

This year is a time for changes.
P7's go to new secondary schools.
Meet new teachers.
Oh I wish things didn't have to change.

People waiting for results.
I am waiting for mine.
Will it be horrible or will it be fine. 
Oh I wish things didn't have to change.

If I pass I am going to Grosvenor.
If I don t I am going to Ashfield.
February is getting closer.
Oh I wish things didn't have to change.

I can t wait to meet my new teacher.
It's kind of scary starting high school.
Especially if you are getting bullied.
Oh I wish things didn't have to change.

I wonder what my results will be.
If I don't pass my dad will kill me.
Only joking he won't.
But things do have to change.



Dr Barnardo

Dr Barnardo taught evening classes where poor people went to learn. Dr Barnardo was training to be a missionary doctor. One night he had finished his class he sat down and thought about China. Just then he saw a bundle on the floor it was a little boy, he was called Jim. DrBarnardo


P.6 Work



The Adventure Of Rocky Rambo

One wintry cold; cold morning Rambo was in the shower. Suddenly he heard someone cry his name, Rambo, Rambo it quietly chanted Rocky Rambo quietly leapt out of the shower and spun around really fast, soon he was in his super hero suit. He leapt out of the window. He flew around London. He put on his super shades and super boots. His shades saw nothing so decided to fly around the world. Finally he heard where the crying was coming from, It was coming from a women called Gitona she was crying because Shangsun was trying to take her soul. Rocky flew down but Shangsun disappeared and left Gitona lying on the ground. When Shangsun got back to his master the Emperor, the Emperor was furious Why didn't you take Gitona soul? the Emperor screamed You fool, he screamed again. Rocky asked who was hat, that was Shangsun Gitona replied Who is Shangsun, you see said Gitona A thousand years ago Shangsun and his army tried to take over the world but they couldn't so they made a deal, if Shangsun wins 10 straight victories in a tournament called Mortal Combat, Shangsun has already won 9 in a row. If he wins another one this will be handed over to the Emperor. Then Lui Kang and the rest of the team came, this is Lui Kang Gitona said and this is Raiden, Jack, Michael, Sonya Blade and Curtis Striker. They are all Raidens fighters. Next week the tournament begins; so they trained all week. Eventually the day of the tournament began. This island will be your battle ground, said Shangsun. Rocky was first, he was against Sheena the four monster. It was very close because Rocky was winning then Sheena was winning, but Rocky Rambo just used his laser beam eyes to win. Lui Kang was next he was against Sub zero . Lui Kang used his Dragon kick and knocked Subzero through the wall. It was Rocky and Lui Kang in the next round but neither would except the fight then Shangsun asked Rocky, would you challenge me in a fight, Rocky said yes, so they fought and fought , Rocky nearly got threw into the spikes, then Rocky saw his dead brother so Rocky choke slammed Shangsun into the spikes. They were all celebrating when the Emperor came and said You week minded fools I have come for your souls.

By Christopher

J.C. :

P.7 Work


The New Millennium

We're into a new Millennium
Its time for some changes
Going to A new school 
Meeting new friends
and leaving old friends
Oh how time passes.

So we've done our 11 + in 1999.
I cant wait to get my results
On the 5 the of February 2000
That will decide which school I go to.
Oh how time passes.

So its time for choosing schools.
Secondary , Grammar or Collage
I want to go to Grosvenor
But if I don't I'll go to Wellington
Oh how time passes.

So it's time to leave Elmgrove.
I'll miss it very much.
And especially my friend's
And some of the teachers too.
Oh how time passes.

So were starting anew school in September
I don't want to leave my old school behind 
I'm going to meet new teachers and friends.
But I'm Dreading being the youngest of them all.
No matter what time still passes.




As you can see from the picture above is an ariel view of our school.Our school is very big, we have about 600 pupils in it.Our school is split up in two parts, the infent end and the junior end.Our dining centre is at the other end of the school grounds.The infant end contains the primary 1 to primary 3 classes.They are from 5 to 7 year olds.The junior end runs from primary 4 to primary 7,these pupils are from 8 to 11 year olds.

By Johnathan

Dr Barnardo was training to be a missionary in China. He taught night classes in a tumble down school house for poor children. A boy called Jim was laying beside the fire and Dr Barnardo said to him. '' you will best be getting home'' Jim said ''Aint got a home and i've no family either'' Dr Barnardo said''Whats your name?'' ''Jim'' he replied another boy said if i went here you would let me stay the night. Dr Barnardo said ''are there any more of you that dont have a home ?"


P.6 Work



Dinkey The Alien

He lives under the bed. Hes someone from Mars and his name is Dinkey. His colours are orange, red, blue and green and he is a roundish shape made of goo. His arms are green and they are about one metre long . He has two arms and he has two hands with ten fingers on each hand. He has four legs each is two metres long , his colour is red and he has four feet which are red and five toes on each one. He has one head with three big eyes sticking out in front of him and he has a little bit of blue spiky hair. He likes to do silly and bad things. He also likes to eat anything . He is sometimes bad , but it just depends on what mood he is in. By Johnathan

B.H. : 

P.6 Work


New School

I'm going to a new school
I hope it will be grand
I wish that I could stay here
And be a macho man.

I,m going to a new school
The teachers aren't so pretty
The children are alright
The truth is the teachers are really witty.

I,m going to a new school
I haven't seen the playground
I've been in detention all the time
YEP I definitely seem to be on my way down.

WOW what a dream
I dreamt I went to a new school
I think I'll give that one a miss
The fact is it's still only January 5th



P.6 Work




It was a cold and rainy night and Mammal Man was walking back to his mums house when he herd someone call for help. He immediately switched his rocket boots that helped him to fly faster and flew off. While he was flying he typed in a special code that told him where he had been called from. Mammal Man looked carefully saw that it was from the bank. When Mammal Man got there the thief had already got away. Mammal Man switched off his rocket boots and glided softly to the ground.''What why did the thief go,''said Mammal Man. The trembling bank man pointed North and said,''he went that way Mammal Man,''and then ran into the bank. Mammal Man spread his bat wings and said,''don't worry,''and took off. At first Mammal Man thought that it would be easy to find the thief because the safe had sprayed red ink on the money and it had dripped all over the road. but then suddenly the red ink just lead into a river. Mammal Man flew down and with his X-ray eyes he found out where the thief was. Then Mammal Man closed his eye's and changed them into laser eye's and the thieves bum got burnt. Then he jumped up and started running. Mammal Man shot his claws out and grabbed his T-shirt and pulled him back.''Please don't kill me,''said the thief.''I won't I just want the money and to see you in jail,''said Mammal Man.''OK here said the thief,''and gave Mammal Man the money. ''thank you now come to jail.'' ''OK,''said the thief just don't hurt Me. And he went to jail. Mammal Man had saved the day again.


G. H. :

P.7 Work


Soccer In Our School

My name is Gary. I am eleven years old. My favourite hobby is football or as you would call it soccer. The teams which I support are Liverpool, Linfield and Rangers. I play soccer in school during lunch and break recess and we always get beaten by one of my friends team. I play for the Elmgrove school team and I play up front with my friend Paul and I score goals if I get a good pass.

We train every Tuesday afternoon from 3.00 pm - 4.30pm. In the summer we have a soccer tournament and the teams are made up of three boys and three girls. Our team last year were beaten in the final 2-0 by Paraguay, because they were P.7 pupils. We were England. This year I hope we will win the soccer tournament .


The Millennium

My last day at primary school until I go to my new school . I hope my new teacher is nice and a nice new school. It is a nice time in the year when you have to choose your school. And then you need to go and see what the school is like. Last day at school you are sad because you are leaving your friends but when you get into your new school you will meet new friends. Leaving primary school will be very sad. Elmgrove is a nice school with nice teachers. No one would like to leave Elmgrove because I would not like to leave. No one is frightened now but when I get to know people I will not be scared of my new school. It will be sad to leave your teacher. Until you leave to go to your new school we like to make some changes, we would like to have a happy ending at Elmgrove. My new school is going to be Ashfield boys...I hope. 


P.6 Work



The Adventure Of Dark Man

Once a upon a time there was a man called Dark Man and he lived in a straw house. I know lots about him like he has very good fighting moves and he is very scary. You would not like to meet him face to face. He is a giant giant super hero who has lovely brown hair and green eyes. He is a very good fighter and he can fly but he runs like a normal person sometimes fast and sometimes slow. At the minute he is chasing bad dies who the police are trying to catch. He always saves the day.
By Gary

D. L. :

P.7 Work



Into the new Millennium
Changes are being made.
Moving into the future
Depending on my grade.
While time passes by.

February the fifth is coming,
Eleven plus results coming out.
I hope I get a good grade,
And if I do we'll shout.
While time passes by.

Going to school after school,
Choosing which one to attend.
The postman posts the letter,
I hope my grade is good.
While time passes by.

Leaving my old friends,
Leaving my old school,
Leaving my old teachers,
Not very good!
While time passes by.

Going to a new school,
In September 2000 not good!
Meeting my new form teacher,
Hopefully they're good.
While time passes by.

New Millennium,new start
That's the way it is .
I can't help anything, 
My life is about to change. 
While time passes by.

By David


11+ Transfer Test

The eleven plus is a test that pupils aged ten or eleven take. Each year there are two eleven plus tests, both in November. The grades you can receive are A , B1 , B2 , C1 , C2 or a D. The grade you get decides your future in a new school. Coming up to the eleven plus tests you take a series of practice tests, to help you know what the eleven plus paper is going to be like. The eleven plus papers are out of seventy five marks and in order to find out your grade they add both scores together and divide the total by two. Next they place every child in Northern Ireland that did the eleven plus transfer in descending order on a list. The top twenty- five percent of these children get the grade A. The next five percent get the grade B1 and so on. There is a lot of work goes into getting ready for the test and the pupils and the teachers have to work very hard to achieve the best results possible.

We are nervously waiting for our transfer results to arrive in our mail boxes on 5th February. Hopefully the news will be good !

By David


P.6 Work



The Adventures of Metre Man

It was a hot,sunny day and Metre Man was walking down the road to the shops to get some milk for his house to make some tea . He lived in a place called Planet of the Super Hero's. He lived next door to Midge Monkey . He went up to his door and knocked it though there did t seem to be anyone there. So Metre Man decided to go for a nice stroll in the park on the way he saw that someone had been knocked down. So then Metre Man decided he would find out who had done it. There straight in front of him he saw Sox Pox right in the middle of all the action. He ran over to him and asked him did he want to help him catch the criminal .Sox Pox said yes and of they went Metre Man let his 3 D eyes do all the work he looked through buildings and walls ,but saw nothing . On and on they went . Metre Man then pulled the string on the back of his belt grabbed Sox Pox and of they went flying through the sky. LOOK shouted Sox Pox is t that Dr. Clots over there. Then they saw that he had captured Kiddie the Kangaroo. He was kicking and punching but couldn't get away . Well we will have to save her said Metre Man , so they swooped down to save Kiddie. They untied her chains before Dr Clots came out and hurried away. Thank-you said Kiddie and kissed Metre Man. Sox Pox was jealous so Kiddie kissed him to for saving her. Kiddie would you like to help us catch Dr Clots Oh goody said Kiddie . Lets check Old Trafford in the place of the humans . Lets go said Sox Pox . When they got there Dr Clots was there. When he saw them he jumped up and grabbed Sox Pox help he shouted . They doomed down picked up Sox Pox and knocked out Dr Clots picked him up and took him to the police station and he went to jail for life.

K. McA. :

P.7 Work



"My new years resolution is to stop hitting and chasing my little brother."
I am Redding weakening upon the morning of Febuary fight because I get my 11+ result.
L earning new things in a new school and meeting new people.
L eaving old friends an d my old school behind
E nd the old year with a new Millennium.
N o one knows what school they are going to.
N ow I have to go and see schools and make a decision what school I am going to.
I want to leave primary school and learn more things 
U p early in the morning to get to get to school on time.
M y new school will be a big change to me.
By Kenneth


Our Uniform

For our uniform in Elmgrove the boys were a grey or white shirt , a tie and a green sweater. The girls were a skirt, a white blouse and a tie . We wear our uniform every day. We have green, red and black on our school tie. Some pupils also wear an Elmgrove Primary School track suit, it is grey with the Elmgrove logo on it. In the summer some girls wear a summer dress, it is made of cotton and it is cooler.

By Kenneth


The Story Of Doctor Barnardo

There was a man who was traning to be a doctoor . He worked in an evening school . His name was Doctor Barnardo . When he was locking up the school he found a child lying beside the fire so he woke him up and said " What are you doing here ? " He said "I have no homeand no parents. "


P.6 Work



The Adventure of Super Apple man

It was a cold and rainy day and Super Apple man was walking to his house when suddenly all of the other super heroes started to fight he didn't know what to do he tried to break it up but it wouldn't work he tried to shoot apples out of his stem it still did not work then he used his laser eyes to try and break it up but they were not strong enough he went ate a basket of apples and tried his laser eyes again they were now strong enough and he would not get them any stronger he flew to the house of super heroes and only two super heroes were not fighting he got them to help him he still could not break up the fight even with his friends so he shouted we will just have to try harder they tried their hardest but they still could not break up the fight there were all the super heroes tiny there hardest but there was about thirty other super heroes fighting each other and we could not stop the fight .We were there all day before we stopped. It is broken up now and all the super heroes are nice to each other they are all having dinner. They all had to have different dinner just to be awkward.

P.McG. :

P.7 Work



I woke up and it was the Millennium, it felt the same
Its time for a big change
My new years resolution is to stop beating up my sister
This Millennium feels great,oh how time flies

I woke up
Its was Saturday 5th Feburary
I ran down stairs I saw the letter
I opened it and I saw an 'A' on the letter.

I started to look for schools
Choosing schools is very hard
I like Grovenor and Ashfield boys
I wonder which one I will choose.

I will miss Elmgrove Primary School
And all my old teachers
I hope I go to the same school as all my friends
But I will probably make new friend which ever school I go to.

I have fears about my new school There will be new faces and different teachers I will start my new school in September And I will finish my first year in secondary school in June.

by Peter


Dr Barnardo

Dr Barnardo found a wee boy called Jim when he was finished teaching the other boys in his tumble down school house.He said to Jim go home Jim,Jim said I haven,t got a home Dr Barnardo.Dr Barnardo asked Jim were did you sleep last night he said in the back of a cart in the market.Then he said come home with me and get something to eat and drink Jim.When Jim was finished his dinner they both went for a walk on a bitterly cold night.Jim took Dr Barnardo to see some children like he was before


P.6 Work



Sparky The Monster

My adjective Monster is called Sparky and he comes from Jupiter in Space. His body is a square and has the pattern of sqiuggly black lines on it. His body is red. The colour of his wrinkled arms are orange and his are very long. His hand has ten small fingers. The colour of his rectangular legs are black and they are very short. His feet are just like massive shovels. His head is shaped like a triangle the colour of it is a sky blue , with dark green hair. My Monster,s hobbies are golf, football and cricket. My monster likes to eat dark chocolate, monkey nuts and yellow bananas. He has a spaceship shaped like a sphere and there are many different lights on the spaceship.
By Peter



The Adventure Of Tiger Man

It was in the middle of the night when Tiger Man got a phone call from the police. They wanted to know if Tiger Man could help them. Of course he could so Tiger Man got on his clothes and raced down to the police station as soon as he got there he heard the bank had been robbed. So he got into the car and drove down to the bank he saw them there was nine people they all had guns. They had at least a million pounds worth of money in their bags. They jumped into a big Vauxhall Front era and doomed off up the road Tiger Man chased them down the road. They stopped and got out of the four wheeler and started to so Tiger Man got out of the car and chased the criminals until they stopped. Eventually they stopped and Tiger Man had thought he'd caught them but he had another thing coming someone jumped out of the bushes and hit Tiger Man across the head. Then after five minutes he woke up and saw the criminals in the far off distance so he used his super speed run and he was there in no time. He got there he caught them and he started to punch them. He drove back to the police station with thieves and Tiger Man got a reward of a thousand pounds.
By Peter

D. Mc K. :


Our homework is probably different from yours, but we still both do lots of the same things like multiplying and dividing and so on. Some homeworks are good but some are not. When we did our eleven plus exam it was hard and the homeworks were big. During September, October and November we did lots of learning for homework but on the day I think did OK in the tests. (Our results are out on 5th February so I'll know for sure then.) After the eleven plus we weren't getting such big homeworks and it has become easier. Now we are starting new things like using protractors in our angles work My favourite subject is Science. We don't get it for homework as much. The thing I like most about Science is carrying out different experiments and investigations, that is excellent and lots of fun too.

By Darren



Dr Barnardo lived in London. He was training to be a missionary doctor. One night after school he was walking home when he saw a boy. He went over to the boy it was dark and and said, 'what is your name ?' 

P.R. :

P.7 Work



This year is a big one
For me and my friends
Because we get our 11+ results
Oh how time flies.

So here we are in the new year And look what they have built to celebrate 
It's a DOME! My computer did not get the bug did yours?
Oh how time flies.

Have you put 1999 behind you?
I have, I reckon this year is going to be a good one
Because mankind has been on earth for 2000 years
Oh how time flies

This year I'm going to have to say goodbye to
my friends, Considering that we all won 't go to the same school.
Oh how time flies

I wonder what I'll get in my 11+ 
Maybe it will be good maybe it will be disappointing when I
When I get my results hopefully mine will be good.
By Philip


Sports Day

Sports day is a time for me and my friends to have a bit of fun and take our minds off school work. It is also a time for us to get some exercise and to stretch our legs. In our sports day we take part in such events as the potato and spoon race, sack race,skipping race,running, the long jump,the triple jump and relay race. If you win a race you receive a certificate. At the end of the day the class with he most points wins the sports day shield. The winning class would receive the shield in assembly the next day. The teachers would sometimes compete against each other in a running race. From Primary one-Primary seven, all pupils from the senior classes primary 4-7 (2-5th grade) participate in the sports day events. Primary one-primary three have their sports day. We also have a 10 step award this scheme comprises of different types of exercises such as trying to throw bean bags into hoops. The long jump was another of the exercises the aim of which was to gauge how far we could jump. Sports day gives us the chance for a bit of healthy competition with our school friends. Our sports day is held in June when the weather is not so cold. Sports day gives our brains a chance to rest while our bodies do all the work. The best part of sports day for me is not having to wear my uniform.



P.6 Work



The Adventures of Sox Pocs

I It was a cold and rainy day in Planet of the Superheros. Every super hero you could think of lives here. Hello Mr Meter Man. Hello Sox Pocs. What are you doing here Midge the Monkey ? I came to tell you about Batman getting captured by the Terrible Trio. How's the Terrible Trio ? The Terrible Trio are Spider man, Joker and the Incredible hulk. To the S & P machine scanner on scanning for Terrible Trio. Quickly phone the Devil Dish and tell him to meet me at the . Where is it they hide out , the old abandoned football pitch what's it called? Stamford Bridge. Meet us at Stamford Bridge. Is nt that not Stinky old Chelsea S ground. Yes now hurry up. Wait said a voice can I come too said Meter Man . Yes now hurry up. They are at Mount Reebok. To Mount Reebok. There's the Terrible Trio. Then we got down and the Terrible Trio got sent to jail.


W. Sh. :


On November the 1st the king was crying so hard there was nearly a flood. The reason why the king was crying so hard was because he had found out that his best plate with jewels around the edge had been stolen! Immediately the king sent out all of his soldiers to try and find the plate with jewels around the edge of it. Even the king himself went out to try and find his most beloved plate. When he was out he came across a most awkward house. Who lives here? He went up and knocked on the door. The DISH DEVIL appeared. Then the king soon realised that the DISH DEVIL was his plate! The king made the DISH DEVIL his best friend. So that's the tale for today!


By William

W. St. :

P.7 Work



Two thousand already begun
We've entered the new millennium
This year bring lots of change for me
What it will be like ......... I'll have to wait and see.

February 5th is a big day,
It will decide my future way. 
The school I'll attend,the friends I'll meet,
Will the news be sad or will it be a treat.

Now I'm going to a new school 
Now, I hope it will be cool.
Here comes the postman could it be a treat A or B.
I heard the cat shriek, "Oh let me see."




We start at 9.00 am when we go in to our seats. Our first lesson runs from 9.00 to 10.30, when we go outside for break time (recess to you). This is 10 minutes long. Then we come inside and eat our break . We get ten minutes to snack before we start work again. This set session runs from 10:40 to 12:15 pm, when lunch starts. Some people take dinners at the canteen, some people take pack lunches. We say grace before we eat in the canteen then Mr Gray calls us up to get the food by tables. There are two leaders at each table to help serve to younger pupils. Lunch break ends at 12:55 pm and we go back to the class room for the last session of the day. School ends at three o'clock and for me, that is simply the best part of the day....


P.6 Work



The Adventure of Carrot man

It was a cold night when. I heard that a bad monster had came to New York. My team all heard about this and the all came to kill this monster. He was ugly and strong and he planned time bombs and explosives. called them. TV man and Carrot Man and clever the alien all went to the fourth block from here and I got my eye beam eyes and found the time bombs and explosives and I squeezed the bombs to pieces and clever flew off TV man came and killed the monsters with his laser sand blew him to bits and all his team went to his house and had as large and chips and doughnuts for tea and pudding the bad guy was called Numbo Jumbo 
The End. 
By William



Booty Albert

My monster is called Albert. He is from space and he is a very bad monster. He eats and eats until he can not eat any more. He has blue ears and yellow hair. Albert has fingers, one on each hand. He has long arms and seventeen eyes. A purple nose a green body and feet. He can only eat apples and peaches. Strange as he is he sounds I like him a lot.

By William 

J. Wh. :

P.7 Work


The New Millennium

We are coming into a new year
A time when people change
They might change lots of things
Or maybe just a few

It's February the 5th
The day I get my results
I hope I get an A
Although if I don't I know I tried my hardest

I've been looking at the schools 
Now it's time choose 
Will it be Reagent or Grosvenor
Or neither of the two

I don't think I'll be able to leave Elmgrove
I'll miss my friends
And the teachers too
And I'll miss all the things we've done

I wonder what my new school will be like
Maybe I'll like it or maybe not
I wonder if my teacher will be cross or not
Will I have friends or not
I just don't know, I'll have to wait and see.



P.6 Work



The Adventure Of Super Sport

It was a cold and rainy day and Super Sport was walking to his house when suddenly he heard someone scream he looked around and saw a tall shadow run off. He went to the house and asked if they where hurt and if they had seen what he looked like. They didn't reply,it was probably just shock. That night Super Sport kept watch in case the villain appeared again but he didn't the next day Super Sport met Super Dragon. He was patrolling the street after yesterdays incident. The police came with a picture of him and probably his sidekick. They where both tall, they had a balaclavas on, and leather jackets and black trousers, their shoes looked like they where Nike. That night they broke into Super Sports house when he heard the noise he hit them with his basket ball and sent then to prison for 10 years.
by Jamie

A.W. :

P.6 Work



As we go into the Millennium time for a change 
As we celebrate the new year.
A time to make a new beginning, 
AND for people to make new resolutions.

ON Feburary 5th there will be our test results, 
AS people go choosing new schools. 
And hope for a good grade, 
As you pick your schools like, Lagan College, Knockbreda, Ashfield boys, or even Grosvenor.

People leave friends in June, 
And they leave their old school too.
And hope their school is as nice,
And their teachers are all cool.

When I start school in September I will have fears,
But when I make knew friends I will be alright.
When I am older I will still remember this school.
And the happy days I had in Elmgrove Primary School.
By Alan


P.6 Work




One night in South Africa Cheetah Man was watching TV. Then the TV. programme that he was watching was interrupted with a special news report. There has been a tiger who has escaped from the jungle. Not just any tiger but a half man half tiger. They say he is in South Africa at the moment. Cheetah man turned off his TV and went to find him. He looked through his green visors but he could not find anything. So he walked on down and he heard somebody screaming. It was coming from the shop beside him. All he saw was the half man half tiger. "Come in " he said to Cheetah man "have we met before". Cheetah man paused "Its you, I knew some day you would escape an break free from the jungle". Cheetah man started to fly. So did half man half tiger. They started to fight up in the sky. Half man half tiger started to punch , the Cheetah man started to fall to the ground. Half man half tiger just laughed and said nobody can beat the invincible man tiger. Then Man Tiger just walked away. After a couple of hours Cheetah Man woke up. He did not know where he was. But then he could see something up in the mountains. It was Man Tiger. He was wanting Cheetah Man to come up. So Cheetah Man went up. When he got up there he could not find him. All of a sudden Man Tiger jumped out. They started to fight once again Cheetah Man started to punch and fight Man Tiger was starting to get weaker And then he just vanished and nobody saw Man Tiger again.

By Alan 

L.A. :

P.7 Work



Here comes the Millennium
Another one has past 
I won't see another 
Because it's a thousand years.

My eleven plus will not be good
On February 5th 
I get my results 
Oh what will it be .

I hope my next school will be great
And my teachers there a treat 
I think I'll make some new friends
I wonder who they will be .

I'll miss my old friends at Elmgrove
And all my teachers too 
I like it here, it's like my home 
I'm not looking forward of leaving .

The holidays are around the corner
I don't wan't them to end 
I wan't the summer to last forever
But I know soon will end.

By LauraleeP.6 Work



The Adventures of Eagle Eye

One cold frosty afternoon I was getting ready to go out shopping with my mum. My mum told me to come on but I had a funny falling about something but then Eagle-Eye appeared he was a bit worried I said "What is the matter?'' he told me the King had lost his crown so I told my mum I do not want to go she said there no one to mind you I said what about nanny. She said because she's at work. So I ran back up stairs I said Eagle-Eye I cant go because there is no one to mind Me. I told my mum I do not want to go. She said NO NO and NO. So I told Eagle-Eye I am not going to go. So she said alright you can stay but your not to go far if you go outside. so what took you so long I said my mum would't let me stay. We flew off in this space thing you had to stand up you couldn`t even sit down because you where strapped in. So we set of to the Kings house. When we got there he asked where had we been it didn`t really matter . But the King was so glad to see us he told us that he had visitors coming for dinner so he needed his crown badly. And one thing the the bad Doctor Lighting his it so we set off to look for the Kings crown. you could see the sparkle up in the sky me and Eagle-Eye flew up after him he opened up his ejected his wings and flew up after Doctor Lighting he had it on his head but not for long Eagle-Eye go out his gun and shot him on the head he fell down and down and down I think he was dead. We went back to the Kings house and he was so pleased to see his crown and he in visited us to dinner.


A. B. : 

P.7 Work



Millennium is here time for a new start 
Its time for fun and happiness
Leaving old friends and make new friends
Leaving Elmgrove Primary School
Enter your new school and the Millennium
No more walking to primary school
No being in P7 
Ill have to get the bus 
Up ear her in the morning
My new school might be Orangefield

By Alisa


Details of Our School

The school I attend is called Elmgrove Primary school . It's on the Beersbridge Road in East Belfast . There are about 600 pupils in Elmgrove. These are split up into seven years groups, primary one to primary seven. In each year group there are three classes with about thirty in each. There are over thirty teaching staff in our school, so it is quite big. The headmaster is called Mr Thompson and my teacher is called Mr Gray. Our room is upstairs. There are only four classrooms on the second floor, the rest are all on the ground floor. We also have a large assembly hall or gymnasium which is used for different activities. As well as this we have an art room and a computer suite. My classroom is very big, in fact it is about twice the size of a normal classroom (it used to be the old cookery room.) This is my last year in Elmgrove and I will be sad when I have to leave.

By Alisa


Dr Barnardo

Dr Barnardo lives in 1870 London he was trianing to be a missionary doctor to go to China. Dr Barnardo helped boys and he went out one day he saw a boy called Jim in a street. The boy had no home he said to.Dr Barnado. I know lots of childen like me A politican said to Dr Barnardo he would give him 1000 to stay and open a home for children he had 27 children. That night a boy called carrots said can i stay here Dr Barnardo said he had no room that night carrots died of no food.


P.6 Work



The Trolley Race

Five four three two one off/ Bill said come on you two . Spits' M um was shouting Spit your dinner is ready mum can I have 1 hour no shouted his mum I will get your Dad so said spit. Your Dad said you are not to play with Leslie yes I am ok I will come into the houes for my dinner . And I want to go out ie yes I am ok I will come into the h 

S. C. :

P.7 Work


Elmgrove Primary School Orchestra

Elmgrove Primary school has approximately 20 pupils in there orchestra. There are two teachers who take us for orchestra . One is called Mrs. Lynas, the other Mrs. Davidson. There are different types of instruments in our orchestra. Violins, trumpets, horns, cornets and clarinets. In our orchestra the violins usually sit at the front because it is harder to hear them at the back as the brass instruments are much louder and incase you hit somebody with your bow. On Wednesdays we meet after school to practice. The orchestra usually sounds awful, but when you put a bit of effort into it, it sounds very good. Everyone has their own lessons every week, for example the violins go on Monday, brass on Wednesday and woodwind on Friday. Every year we go to a centre in Carnlough (A village on the north coast of Ireland.) called Drumalla House. It is great fun! We go swimming , mountain climbing and fossil hunting. We stay there for a weekend and sleep in little rooms called dormatories. However the main reason we go to Drumalla is to practice a lot for our various concerns.
By Sarah


We are now in the year 2000
People try to change.
Some people change their atitude,
Other just stay the same.

February 5th is coming ( Oh No!).
Eleven plus results are out.
Will I get a A B C or D,
I don't really know at all.

Leaving friends at Elmgrove (Oh what a shame!)
Why could we not stay in the same school?
And still have the same friends forever, Who makes these stupid rules.

Holidays are coming up what will I do,
Will I go on a plane or a boat or even ride on a canoe,
Who cares at holiday time - cause then your never blue.

I wonder which school I am going to,
I wonder what my teachers are like .
Will they be nice and kind,
Or will they bite my head off when I am late.
The first of September is the time I go through the gate, 
And when I go to school that day, I definitely won't be late.



P.6 Work



The Adventures Of Fruit Dude

It was a cold and rainy day and Fruit Dude was walking to his house when suddenly a great flash appeared . Fruit Dude looked round and saw the evil Dr Netor escaped from a time bomb, you see , years back Fruit Dude and the evil Dr Netor were fighting and Fruit Dude put him in a time bomb but now he is back. And he is back for revenge . " I am the great Dr Netor , I control all power." said Netor . "How did you escape," said Fruit Dude. "After all I control all power," said Netor "and I will be back". And he flew off in his space plane and shouted "I'll be back!" "He's to afraid of me because of what I did to him, what a fruit," said Fruit Dude. And he started walking home . The next day Fruit Dude woke up and had apple juice, jam on his toast a orange, kiwi, strawberries and pears for breakfast then he watched his television but when he saw the news he saw the evil Dr Netor destroying, buildings , bridges and cities. Then Dr Netor came on the TV and said " Give me Fruit Dude or I will burn down everything including people." So as quick as a flash Fruit Dude jumped to the rescue. He was flying as fast as he could to be on time. When he got there Netor said ,"I told you I would get revenge ." Then he started shooting at Fruit Dude. He was moving side to side. And with one hit he blew the evil Dr Netor into Pluto and the day was saved again by Fruit Dude.


C. C. : 

P.7 Work


A New Millennium

We're into a new Millennium everyone is full of cheer.
No matter where you turn people wish you a Happy New Year.
But February 5th is coming up soon, it isn't long to wait.
When the letter pops in though the door ,
I won't hesitate.

Bloomfield is one school I would like to try.
Their uniform and sports catch my eye
And an other one is Newtownbreda
But which are I still don't know.

Leaving my friends it will be sad,
Leaving my school I will be glad, New book and bags and clothes I`ll get
But Elmgrove School I won't forget

I will not have fears because my sisters are there
Hope I`ll make friends and we`ll come a pair
But it`s still far away before I start
And my old friends we`ll have to part.



P.6 Work



The Adventure of Mouth Mat.

It was a cold and rainy day and Mouth Mat was walking to his house when suddenly a little boy was getting attacked by a monster. Mouth Mat flew right over all the houses and started shooting mats all over the place . The little boy said "Don,t he,ll kill you ''. ''He'll not kill me because I, am a super hero '' said Mouth Mat. Then the monster said ''I,ll not ?''. Then of course I appeared . The little boy was my cousin he is only five years old .Mouth Mat used his super powers and the monster disappeared. That was,nt the end of it all . Eagle Eye , that was my friends super hero. And Mouth Mat where best friends. We got my cousin and warmed him up. We had to put some of my clothes on him because he none in my house. He was,nt to happy but they had to do . It was now about 1 : 45pm and we where getting bored so we thought we would go out for a walk . Then the trouble started because there was monsters upon monsters there where mummy ones , baby ones and daddy ones . At that time I really felt like crying. We ran back to the house to get Mouth mat because we needed some help but Mouth Mat wasn't there. We were in real trouble because there was no one to help us. My little cousin was crying and wanted to go home but he was not the only one because I want d to go home too. ,Mouth Mat wasn,t in and I though he might be out with Eagle eye so I phoned Lauralee and asked her if Eagle eye and Mouth Mat had told her that they were going out. She said that only Eagle Eye was allowed in her house so I was really worried . I told my little cousin that everything was alright because Mouth Mat was coming, but of course that was a lie. There was a knock at the door, I didn't know who it would be because I wasn't expecting anyone. I opened it and there stood mouth mat. I said "What do you think you were doing not telling me where you were." " I was getting some things fixed for Midge the Monkey" "Well I need you to come with me to fix these monsters " O K " Oh and don't run off again, because if you do you are not coming back to my house, is that clear. Right come on then because I don`t want to wait all day ''So on we went and the monsters weren`t there. It was scary but we walked more but there wasn`t a monster in sight I decided that we should all go home and go to bed as we had enough excitement

for one day. So will the monsters be back tomorrow ?


G. F. : 

P.7 Work


Pop Groups

Hi my name is Gemma, I like lots of pop groups and here are some of my favourite ones.

Steps, Robbie Williams, Justin, Cleopatra, 911, Boyzone, Louise, Backstreet Boys and B-witched.

My favourite pop groups is Boyzone. I like Stephen Gately. I like many of their songs like:-

Boyzone- Every day I love you
Step- Say you'll be mine
Backstreet boys- Backstreet back all right
B -witched-I shall be there
Cleopatra- Coming at you
Robbie Williams- Millennium
Justin- Let it be me
Louise- Arms around the would
911-Private number
Maybe you have heard of some of these groups?

By Gemma


P.6 Work



The Adventure of Map Man and Satellite Man.

The two Super heroes are in Africa. They had not been there in two hundred years. The last time they were there they had to save some archaeologists who were lost. Satellite man said the archaeologists are lost . Map Man said HELP them. They flew out to Mount Jewel to save the archaeologists who were still lost. When they got there map man showed them his special map and they were able to find their way back home. So Map Man and Satellite Man saved the day.
By Gemma

R. G. : 

P.7 Work



This is the year of 2000 . 
When we get our results .
When we go to a different school .
When we meet different friends. We get different form teachers.
When we get new subjects.

We leave behind the year 1999 and start a new 2000.
There are different countries in the world that celebrated earlier and people celebrated later as well.
In London there is the Millennium Dome and the Millennium Wheel . 
That represents the United Kingdom.

It's time to choose a school, secondary or grammar, what will it be?
Ashfield, Bloomfield, Grosvenor, or Strathern?
Visiting schools all this month.

Then 5th February is the big day
Some are excited some people are not . 
We may not end up in the same schools.
What will it be A , B , C or D?

The sad thing is that we have to leave behind our primary school . All our friends will be left behind. Our memories of school days. But time goes on and so must we.


DR Barnardo was a man who was training to be an missionary doctor. He wanted to go to China and help sick and ill people. He was in an old tumbled down school, sitting by the fire when all of a sudden something moved. It was a boy, he was a boy, he was lying sleeping. ''Where is your home?'' asked DR Barnardo. "I don,t have one !" said DR Barnardo."Please Sir can I sleep here please",


P.6 Work




Foggy wet 
Climbing , drawing ,tasting 
Eating candy apples that mum makes 
Cold .

Cold dark 
Ploughing eating fighting 
Smelling plastic masks in the shops 
Smelling .

By Rachel

By Rachel Green


The Adventure Of Metal Gear Girl

Hi I, am called Jessica you can call me Jess for short. I, am 22 years old. I live in New York. I, am a lifesaver I save people from fires. My code name is Metal Gear Girl. I don,t really wear metal but my skin is metal so that when I through fire it does not hurt me . ''Pretty cool huh ! ''. I also squirt water through my and belt and wrists. And when I blow I can blow out fires too. I fly and swim brilliantly. Any way this was my very first rescue. I was going for a swim in the outdoor swimming pool. I was up on the top diving board when all of a sudden. ''Eye Eee Eee'' the fire alarm went of in the lounge at the swimming pool everybody screamed. ''Help Help Help ''. Everybody ran out but I stayed and helped. I dived off the diving board and started flying I jumped down and on to the roof of the lounge and opened the roof window. A big whif of smoke came out. I jumped down and there was fire everywhere . I had to think quick . So I pushed my wrists and my belt . There was only one person left . Everybody escaped from the building . I ran over still with water squiting everywhere . ''Help Help '' he shouted . It, s ok I, ll save you . The fire was finally out I grabbed the man and ran out the door. Later on I got a phone call . It was the Presidant of the United States . He said I would have to come to his house to ge

C. G. :

P.7 Work



The Millennium

The Millennium is a time for
Resolutions, change and happiness
It's a time for families to get together
And have a good time
It's a time for love.

February 5th
The dreaded day 
Where everyone sits waiting
Silently waiting for the letter
To drop through the letter box
Will we jump up with delight 
Or will we dread the sight......?

It's hard you know
Choosing schools because when you've
Been at the same school all your life You don't want to leave it
I'll miss my old school
But I know I have to go 
So goodbye Elmgrove Primary
I'm going to big school now.

It's scary starting big school
I really don't want to go 
I'm waiting for the bell to ring
Wondering what's going to happen
Here's all things I'm scared about
Maybe you should know

I'm scared about my teachers
"Sit down, Shut up, don't say a word!"
I'm scared about the people in the school
Bullies punching, hitting, spitting and teasing
Thats all things I'm scared about
Oh no! Don't make me go.

Oh well never mind,time I can not stop
I've still got six months left at 
Elmgrove with my friends
I'll take life as it comes each day
Making the best of whatever comes my way.


P.6 Work



The Adventures of Kiddie the Kangaroo

It was a dark night in New Yorke and Kiddie was asleep, then SUDDENLY!! his special crime stopper buzzer rang. Kiddie jump out of bed, he ran out of the house next door to Doughnut Man and told him that his buzzer had rang he said that'svision andble lets go . So they flew to the Super -hero's station to see what was going on . When we got there we saw Metre Man and Midge the monkey and Metre Man said that Mouth Man was captured and Midge the Monkey said that the Crown Jewels had been stolen by Julie .Oh No! i said he's very sleekid we will need Metre Man to help us , oh thank you Kiddie , said Metre Man , he gave Kiddie a big hug lets go . So Kiddie , Doughnut Man , Metre Man and Midge were all looking for Julie and Mouth Man. While Metre Man was using his 3D vision Kiddie heard a noise, it was Julie laughing and speaking at the same time he was saying they will never know that I have got Mouth Man and that I am in the rubber building ha ha ha !! Oh no I better go fast so off Kiddie went to the rubber building but she did not go to the front door but instead she flew up to the roof and melted the glass with her ray vision and jumped down on top of Julie . Kiddie went over to untie Mouth Man but Julie got up . Kiddie turned round and boxed Julie's ear's . Kiddie had saved the day again.




It lives in a dark gloomy cave in the mountains. He comes from Mars and his name is Bubaba. The colour of Bubabas body is gold and silver with spots and stripes on it. They are coloured red and green. Bubaba has short arms and legs. The shape of his body is like yours and mine, he has two eyes, two mouths and two noses. His body is made from gold and silver. Bubaba said that he would like to meet Tony Blair because he thinks he makes a lot of peace. His two arms are orange and straight with two fingers on each of them. Bubaba has two legs but they look funny with only two toes on each. He has pink and red hair and he has two antennae. Bubaba is a king and he wears a crown. He tries to boss me about, but I just ignore him and say NO! Bubaba likes to drink beer and eat cookies. He may sound strange, but I would be lonely without him.
By Claire

L. M. :

P.7 Work



We`ve stepped into a new Millennium
Two minutes can change the year 
Brian Kennedy and counting us in
Boy the noise was so loud what terrible din.

Time won`t be long passing 
And results day will soon be here
The worry of what's on the letter
Is certainly a looming fear.

My mum made me tell her
Where I would like to go 
I didn`t really know but maybe
Bloomfield worth a try 
They`ve soccer,hockey, rugby,netball.. the list it goes high.

Leaving my friends and teacher 
That I know would be 
Hard but life goes on
And you can `t change that you see.

The fears of my new school
Is worrying because of this
I`ll once again be the youngest of all
Just like back in primary one.



Our Trip To Delamont

Last May we went to Delamont for three days. While we took part in a lot of activities , like canoeing, archery,abseiling, bouldering and an adventure walk There were lots of other activities too and when we had time to spare most of us would play football or rugby. One of my favourite activities was the night line, that`s when you go out at about 11 o`clock at night into the forest and you follow a rope .You have you wear goggles so that no branches would stick into your. when we went to archery we had to learn how to use a bow and arrow like Robin Hood. You had to wear a leather band round our arm so when the string hit your arm it would not be as sore. The day before we went home, we went swimming and then we went to the garage. Any money we had went towards sweets and Magazines. That night we watched a video and every one put their sweets together because we had to much and couldn`t eat them all. The time in Delamont disappeared like money from my pocket and before I knew it, were back at school. Delamont was brilliant and I would recommend it to everyone.


P.6 Work



Calaco the Adjective Monster

My adjective monster lives in my school bag. His name is Calico and he comes from Pluto. He is very good at sums and helps me with my homework. His body is a greeny blue colour and he is made from skin. He is small. His arms are orange and he has five fingers on each hand. He is very kind and funny. His legs are small and he has two feet which are red. He is a wee bit fat. He has two eyes they are kind of big and they also have black round them. His hair is like a palm tree it is bright red like a volcano. He likes to play the computer, his best game is Rayman. His favourite foods are Toffee Crisps and Picnic bar He also likes to play with my hamster his name Fuji. Sometimes Calaco would play in Fuji's ball.
By Lisa

S. McK. :


P.7 Work



Time for a change

Moving on time to start again
All depending on my grade A,B,C or D
Wherever it may take me 
February 5th nearing nearing fearing fearing 
Will I sleep the night before 
Postman rapping postman tapping 
What will it be like when the letters come through the door
Choosing schools choosing schools
What will it be like Grosvenor or Orange field 
Over here over there 
Wondering where I`ll end up

Leaving my friends what a shame
Leaving primary school 
Going through all that pain 
Going up into high school
Starting a new school
Leaving old starting fresh
Meeting my form teacher mean or nice who`s to know
Say good bye as I on ward go.



P.6 Work




It was a cold and rainy day and Cracker Clean Up was walking to his house when suddenly a Space- ship landed . Cracker went over to see what was the matter. Then a alien appeared he started to speak really weirdly but lucky enough Cracker Clean Up could understand any sort of language. The alien said are you called Cracker Clean Up he replied yes then the alien said will you clean our Spaceship Cracker replied yes but you have to promise me you will not take me to outer space. They replied OK. So Cracker said when would you like me to clean your Spaceship tomorrow please Cracker said OK but where are you going to stay you can,t stay here . We go back up to outer space and come back down in the morning and then you can clean our Spaceship I sure will cause what is my name I,all tell you it is Cracker Clean Up. What time will you be back at in the morning around half past seven OK dock. So off Cracker Clean Up went expecting nothing. So it was the next morning and Cracker woke up it was seven o,clock so she quickly sided the house and went outside to wait for the Spaceship to come. It came at half seven on the dot. The aliens said you came Cracker said of course I came I,m Cracker Clean Up share. Anyway why would N,t I be here. Your Spaceship looks very small the aliens replied it is really really big inside well why don,t you come inside so Cracker expecting nothing to happen but then the door banged shut. Cracker said what's going on the aliens said it always bangs like that so just start cleaning so Cracker started to clean but then things started to shake Cracker said what,s happening they said where,re taking you to outer space you can't we can and you are going to clean the kings palace and Spaceship it is the biggest in the world. You can,t do that oh yes we can Cracker turned round and said I'll have to use my magic powers to come back to earth oh is that a fact said the aliens yes it is said Cracker you'll never get out of here how will I not these walls are made so none of our prisoners can escape then I,ll just have to use my disappearing act no you won,t how much do you what to bet what do you what do you mean ,nothing so the aliens went to make a plan so Cracker pressed his secret weapon button and puff he was back to earth.


B. McM. :




A Millennium Poem

Many years have come and gone

It's a new Millennium

Lot of things will change this year

Leaving Elmgrove in a short time

Excited about my new school

Next year I'm going to malone College

Next year I'll get the bus with Edward

I hope I will like my new teachers

Until then I'll just be here

My very last days of primary school cheer.

By Beth

Many years ago Pharah was worrlied that the Israelites were going to take over his throne. He decided to kill all the baby boys by throwing them into the River Nile. An Israelite women was able to hide her child for three months. Then she wove a basket out of rushes and filled it with tar. She placed the baby in it . Then she took it down to the River Nile hoping that someone would find him. She knew that the princess went down to the Nile for a bath every morning. 

A. McM. :

P.7 Work



Netball is just like basketball except you are not allowed to dribble the ball or run when you get it and it is mainly for girls. We used to get netball after school in primary six and I went with my friends Claire , Rachel and Sarah .<> There are seven players on a team at a time you have to wear a short skirt with a top [like a T-shirt]. The object of the game is to pass the ball and put it in the basket or net. Depending on your position you are only allowed to be in certain parts of the court. It sounds complicated and it is a little. My friend Claire 's favourite position is the centre. Other positions are goal attack, which is up front and goal defence which is at the back. When we move to high school, we will hopefully play it more competitively. I expect you might have seen the game in the Olympics.
By Ashleigh

N. R. :

.7 Work



My 11+ was a bit hard and a bit easy but whatever I get I will still be happy.

I can't wait until I get my results I will sit on the stairs waiting for the postman.

Leaving all my friends will be hard for me but if I get their phone number we can keep in touch.

Lots of people are probably sad because they have to leave their friends and move on.

E very body is excited to go and see their secondary schools.

Nearly every body must have one fear of moving to a new school.

Next September I will be starting secondary school that will be a big change for me.

I will try my best to learn in secondry school I will try.

By Nicola


Dr Barnardo

They went to the darkest laces Jim said to Dr Barnardo "Come on , well see some up here ! They climed up, there were about 11 children all huddled together to keep warm. Jim said "Come on well look somewhere else. "No,No, its to late Come on well get you a bed hurry up. Dr Barnardo


P.6 Work



Snouty The Alien

My adjective monster lives in my bedroom cupboard , he is from somewhere in space. He is a horrible alien from outer space. His name is Snouty but I don't have a clue why. His body is huge it is the shape of a fierce leopard with brown spots. It is made of very soft fur. He has no arms what so ever. His legs are the same as a zebras legs, they are striped black and white. They are also covered in fur but very thin fur. His tail is an orange colour and the tip of it is white it is a foxs tail. His head is covered in feathers they are a reddish brownish colour and has three rubber glove fingers on the top. He likes to run about the house wild when no one is about and swing from light bulb to light bulb like a monkey going wild. He loves to eat pork chops and drink plenty of sour milk.
By Nicola

R. T. :

P.7 Work



Rachel's Millennium Poem

My leaving old friends will be sad for me. 
I can't wait until I get my 11 + results . 
Learning new work is going to be hard for me .
Lots of work and teachers that are new to me . 
Everybody is excited to see there new school .
Nearly everyone nows what school there going too
Next September we are starting high school .
I can't wait until I start high school .
Usually I am looking forward to the summer holiday. 
My best friend Nicola lives near me .



Our Head Master Mr Thompson

Mr Thompson is the head master of my school. He is there because he is the one that takes care of us and organises trips for us to go on . He has been in our school for four and a half years . Now I will tell you a little about him. My head master always wears smart suits and shiny black shoes. His favourite hobbies are lawn bowls, cooking, gardening and travelling. He has taught in four school and he said this is the best one . Mr Thompson also has a little office at the bottom of the stairs from our classroom.
You usually only ever are sent there if you have been doing something which was wrong. It's probably the same in your school.

By Rachel


P.6 Work



The Adventure Of Pear Land .

It was a cold and rainy day and Super Pear Woman was walking to her house when suddenly Super Pear woman got a call on her watch it was beeping and suddenly she noticed that it was pear land Super Pear Woman didn't know what to do because it would take her ages to get there. Suddenly she remembered that she could fly and she would be there in no time what so ever so off she went. She flew really far until. she saw Pear Land it was getting attacked. by banana man. super pear woman was shooting pears all over them they where ducking everywhere all you saw was pears flying everywhere Super Pear Woman landed and all the people came running over to her and one man stood out and said you have saved our land Thank you so much .......and off she went... 
The End 
... by Rachel

A. U. : 

P.7 Work



Millennium is a time to celebrate with your family.
It's the Millennium is time to have fun.
Leaving my school will be sad
Leaving my friends it will not made me glad
Enter the Millennium and a new school
No more p7 work a new adventure begins
No more primary school days
I hope my new school will be good
Unknowing what our new school is going to be like
My new school is going to be Ashfield girls..maybe
By April



Some of us like to wear track suits and trainers. Others like to wear jeans and T-shirts. The trainers we like to wear are Nike, Adi das, Reebok , Ellesse, Le-Coq-Sport if. Some girls like to wear beige and denim jeans with high-heels or trainers. Some girls like to wear dresses and really nice clothes with lovely shoes. Boys like to wear sporty clothes, they like to wear football kits as well as some of the most popular clothes they like to wear Nike, Adi das, Ellesse , Le-Coq-Sport if and Reebok. My best friend Gemma wants to be a fashion designer and I hope her dreams come true [then I can get free clothes!] She likes designing things and it is all she ever talks about.

By April


P.6 Work



The Adventure of TV Man and Remote Man

The two super heroes are staying in Canada. And they are staying in a hotel. called the fountain hotel. On a holiday when they had to work all day the electric went out and TV man had to let the people watch him until the. Electric came on again OH and his friend Remote man. He is a hero to. He is staying in Canada to. He is staying in the fountain hotel.

By April

J. W. : 

P.7 Work



Dr Barnardo

One night Dr Barnardo was going into a room in the school house . He saw a boy sitting beside the fire his name is Jim Dr Barnardo said to him . Go home to your parents . Jim said he had no home . Then he said go to your house . I don ,t have a house or no parents replied Jim . Then Dr Barnardo asked him . Are there more boys without homes and parents. Lot and lot more said Jim . I,ll give you a good supper and find somewhere for you to sleep tonight, but I want you to take me out .



Millennium is a time to celebrate.
It is now approaching the 21 century.
Leaving old friends behind.
Leaving Elmgrove School, it will be very sad.
Even the work will be harder then p7 work.
Now I am leaving Mr Gray.
No more primary ones tows or threes.
I can't wait until my Holidays and I'm Free.
Up at dawn and out to still lay.
My new school is quite far away.
By Jade


P.6 Work



The Adventures Of Book Man

It was a cold and rainy day and Mr Book Man was walking to his house when suddenly the boy was crying Mr Book man said what is the matter with you I have last all my school books can you help me yes I can help you You can call me Mr Book man that is my name. What kind of Book have you last I have last English and Maths I well give you two Books the boy said thank you Mr Book man . Mr Book Man said what is Maths well Maths is like sums English is like sentences .There is two Books for you boy . take care of the Books boy don ,t lose them . The boy was very happy then he said I well not lose them again . Mr Book Man had saved the day again. The boy is happy. 
By Jade

S.w. :

P.7 Work


All About Choir

We have choir from 3.00pm until 4.00pm every Thursday in our assembly hall. Our choir teacher is Miss Hogg she can sometimes be kind and sometimes she shouts when we are noisy. We go out a lot with the choir to sing in churches or at festivals. The choir also sing in the school Christmas concert every year. For the year 2000 we were performing a range of music from the past century. The songs I like best was Boyzone and Abba. For the year 2000 concert we wore a yellow, red or blue T-shirt with black trousers. We all enjoy singing for the Christmas concerts. We are also presently learning new songs like Little Peace and Sally Garden. I really like going to choir every week.



Millennium Poem

Millennium is a time to celebrate with your family
Inside my house you could see all the fireworks
Leaving Elmgrove will be very sad
Leaving my friends too and finding new ones
Even the work will be harder than P7 work
No more primary school days 
Now I'm leaving Mr Gray and my class
I hope my new school is good
Unaware what it is going to be like
My new school is going to be Knockbreda ....maybe.

by Sheeri


P.6 Work




Cold Foggy
Crunching cracking whistling
Mums apple tarts taste delicious

Windy cold 
Crunching whistling blowing
I love Autumn parties every where

By Sheeri




Five , four , three , two , one off . Of Spit and I go down the big hill. First one to hit there noise in cemetery wins. Suddenly they crashed Bill came down are you all right. Bill was looking down to see us layer in a pulled of mud . No we said. The race will go on tomorrow 4 .30 be ready said Bill. On the race went Spit came with Egrlam and I came with The British Queen Spit was singing Egrlam that is my girl by that time I was cross . I put on his chewing gum while I was doing that he put it on my seat my both sat down go Bill shouted I went and Spit in the next five minutes we both finished they where shouted I win no I win Bill said . Spit was singing Egrdam that's my girl.


By Sheeri


Clandeboye Trip

Yesterday we went on a trip too Clandeboye and it was a Tree Nursery it was very good and it was near Bangor and we learned about different plants and trees and we asked him some different questions and we got there by a bus and we went at 10.00 Oclock and we arrived there at 10.30 Oclock and we came home at 2.45 Oclock and we went for a walk too look at different plants and different trees and we were allowed too pick plants and some of the plants and flowers are a nice smell and we took the plants and the flowers home and I planted some of the plants and flowers and the different trees are a Elm , Birch , Alder , Ash , Cherry Bird , Cherry Wild , Crad Apple , Hazel , Holly , Oak , Rowan , Scots Pine , Whitebean , Yew that is the different kind of trees a Tree Nursery is very good it learns you about different kind of trees and then you will no in the future about different trees and when we were going for a walk we all saw a swan and it was swimming about and it was far away from us and we had are lunch and we went home .
By J.W.

Accounts on yesterday.

Yesterday we went on a trip to Clandeboy a tree nursery near Bangor.We were learning about how to care how to sow seeds.The man who showed us about was called Andy.He showed us around and answer some of our questions. We went in to the forest and seen many different trees. When we were in the forest you were allowed to take a tree got of the ground and take it home.We seen many different trees like Ash and birch trees .In the tree nursery they would plant about 200 of them in a square metre but only 40% of them live.When we were in the forest we saw a tree that was 125 years old it was called a fur tree.At the end of the day we all got to ask Andy a lot of Questions and we all got the answers for them. Then it was time to go we all said bye and in to the bus we went .I had a good time learning about trees and going on the trip.

BY S. W.

Elmgrove Tree Nursery

Hello , welcome to our Elmgrove Tree Nursery. We are a group of P7 who want to help the environment because trees are very important to us you know.
Our class went to CLANDEBOYE boy Tree Nursery near Bangor on Tuesday 11 and we found out many wonderful things about trees . So after that we decided to make a tree nursery .
Trees our very important to us for they give us oxygen which we breathe and gets rid of pollution from factories and some trees can also provide us fruit to.
We want to achieve a good tree nursery which lets people realise how important trees our to us, the way they give us oxygen in which we breathe.
In our tree nursery we have three beds, all the seeds start of in the first bed which is for the one years old then we change beds until it is three years old and then we will sell them to people.
If you would like to contact us in any way you could always
fax us
write to us
Come in to the school
Phone us
Or send us a email
We will be very pleased to hear so many questions which shows how many cares for the environment 
Thank you

Hello and thanks for logging on to our Website. Our class went on a trip to Clandeboye Tree Nursery in Bangor. There we found out about some trees in Northern Ireland , we also got to sow some seeds. The man who was showing us around had supplied us with crisps , drinks and biscuts for are lunch.

We have to put a lot of work into taking care of our trees. There are 3 flower beds for the trees we done some reasearch on the tree sites. We named the sites A, B, and C , site C was out near the sandpit, Site B was outside the Libary and site C was outside the Artroom. The bed that was picked was site C because it had the same amount of rain and sunlight.