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Mr. Gray's Class 2000 - 2001


P.6 Work: Work has been carried out on writing an ending to the Snowman video and inviting St. Teresa pupils to our school.

P.5 Work: Anonymous Navan stories

Castleward 2001 - Clothes

As part of E.M.U. Mr. Gray's P.7 class went to Castleward with their link class from St. Teresa's.
These pictures showed them dressed up. I like the picture of Andrew!

Children's Games



Elmgrove Manor Visit (14/03/01)


P.7 Work

My primary life is over
Only weeks to go
Van Morrison once went through this
I know mum told me so
Nervous leaving Elmgrove
Grosvenor seems so huge
Oh I hope I don't get lost there
Now I'm a new first year stude.

By James

M. Bo.
P.7 Work

Through The Years

It doesn't seem like seven years 
Since I started Elmgrove School
Through those Years I learned a lot
And how to obey the rules.

My scariest years were P1 and 2,
Finding out just what I had to do
But by P3 all had calmed down
I was one of the oldest girls in infant school town.

P4,5 and 6 get your head down and prepare
For the exams you face in the 11+ scare
But everything came out alright I can say
With thanks to my teachers, especially Mr Gray

BY Michaela P.6 Work

To Thomasena,

Come to Our School

PLACE Elmgrove Primary School
289 Beersbridge Road

DATE Wednesday 16th February 2000

TIME 9.45am- 11.30am


WHAT TO WEAR tracksuit and trainers EVENTS Crazy Computer Game,
Amazing Athletics,
Tremendous Tour.

We'll send someone to meet you at the school gates.

From Michaela. Hope you can come .



P.7 Work


Every child out of P7 is 
Leaving Elmgrove Primary School
My mates think Elmgrove was really cool
Good little children is teachers want but when they're
Really grumpy they huff and pant
Our teacher is really good 
Very cross he is when he's in a bad mood
Elmgrove will always have special memories for me.

By Andrew

P.7 Work

Primary 1-7

In P1 I sucked my thumb
In P2 I did my maths
In P3 I started hard work
In P4 I entered the big school
In P5 two more years to go 
In P6 Mrs Lynas is the best
In P7 good and bad treats or detention.

By Melanie

P.5 Work

Half Tearm Holiday.
1.On Monday it was my birthday and I fortytwo pound and fifty
2. On Monday morning my mummy and I went to Sports Divison 

D anny Champion of the world.

The author of the film is based on Roald Dahl.
Danny lives with his father.
Danny and his father lives in a gipsy caravan.
Danny had not been attending school before now
On rainy days I do not like the rain ,
On cloudy days it is dull,
On windy days rubish blows about the streets,
On sunny days it is nice and cam,
The days I like best are sunny days ,
Because I can stay out later.
By Melanie and Lindsay.

Dear Poject Manager.
We do not want our countryside polluted. Our children can not walk home from school because the dust is all over the place. The traffic was very bad because the tanks were all over the place. It is too noisy around this countryside. The smell is too smelly because I can smell it. 
Your sincerely , 
Jason Melanie. 


P.7 Work

Goodbye To Elmgrove

The years have flown
So quickly by.
It's time for me to say "Goodbye"
To Elmgrove my favourite school
I'll not be leaving as a fool.
They taught me well everyday
From Mrs Holmes to Mr Gray.
To set and guide me on my way

By David


P.6 Work


Dave Cooke started Operation Christmas Child eight years ago.
The Samaritans Purse organisation runs this christmas box apeal so every year they have to send all the boxs to differnt countys . All the countys like Romania , Russia , Bosnia , and Eastern Europe Armenia . So one of the schools in the UK are helping rase boxes for this apeal . So Elmgrove Primary School is one of them and they have been doing this for three years . The first year they did this they raised 44 boxes the second year they got 137 boxes and this year they got 349 boxes . There was lots of people who helped do this christmas apeal and even people that did not know helped as well . All the things that they put in the boxes where things like socks, gloves,hats, toothpaste,sweets,soap talc ,toys,pencils and a little christmas card with a photo of themselfs and a letter to say that they would have a lovely christmas . They sent the boxes to all ages like 0 2 yrs , 2 to 4 yrs,5to 9yrs and 10 to 14 yrs when they put the boxes together they got a box and put wapping paper on and put the stuff into it and put the letter on it. Then what they had to do to get all the toys they had to ask some people for some old toys and ? gather up some of there own . And then when they got all the toys they needed they put them into the boxes and then put them into a big lorry and sent them of to all the poor people in all the diffiernt contrys . Then one day all diffiernt people from the operation christmas child came to Elmgrove primary school and put on a video and it told them more about this apeal . So I hope that you can give toys to the poor . By Stephanie and David .

Mans best friend
Drumalla House
We were in group B.We thought that it was going to be boring but in the end it turned out to be very good.We went to DRUMALLA HOUSE from the twenty sixth to the twenty eigth.We went orienteering in Glenarif forest park,hill walking,fossil hunting and swimming.We were in dormitory one.Both nights we stayed up until about half three in the morning.Every night we watched a video.

My monster has a hairy face and strange eyes. He has green teeth.He has a hexagonal nose and red cheeks. He has a blue ; square body with big red horns on his head and a red tail. He has four green legs and arms with four ears coming out. 


P.7 Work

P7 Leavers

Everybody's leaving for the school summer holidays.
Leaving P7's say their goodbyes to their teachers.
Mr Gray watches us walk out the school gates.
Goodbye Elmgrove, see you when we visit.
Remember all the good times I have had.
Our uniform we don't need anymore.
Very long times we have spent in this school.
Everyone's waving goodbye as they leaving for secondary school.

By Roy

P.5 Work


On rainy days it is very wet,
On cloudy days it is dark and dull,
On windy days you get blown off your feet,
On sunny days we get out to play,
The days I like best are snowy days,
Because I like playing in the snow.

By Roy & Toni

Dear local residents,
We know that you are unhappy but we will put a special chemical seal under the rubbish so that the water will not be polluted . We will put a bird scaring device to scare the birds away.
Yours sincerly 
Roy and Andrew


P.7 Work

Early Days

My first day at Primary School,
I didn't know what to expect,
I knew as I walked up the path,
There would be no turning back.

There stood a great big Elm tree,
Beside the entrance gate,
I must hurry up the path,
I didn’t want to be late.

My first teacher was Mrs Horner,
A lady with silver grey hair,
I always did what I was told,
And my teacher was always fair.

As I did my work each day,
I always did my best,
When I needed help I raised my hand,
And put the teacher to the test,

I always have enjoyed the school,
And wore my uniform with pride,
But something's cannot stay the same,
And I must take the stride.

I had many different teachers,
And I loved them everyone,
We had our good days and our bad,
But most of them were fun.

My final teacher was Mr. Gray,
He's simply was the best,
He helped me through my 11+,
And every single test.

So Mr.Gray I'd like to say,
A very big THANK YOU,
For all you've done for me this year,
And what you've put be through.

By Nicola

P.5 Work

Half Term Holiday 
1. On Friday I went Ice - skating with my Youth Club .
2. On Saturday I went to Dixon park to play football with my sisters .
3. On Sunday I went to the cinema to see The Parent Trap .
By Nicola


On rainy days we can 't go out to play ,
On cloudy days it is dull ,
On windy days we can fly our kites,
On sunny days we can go to our caravans ,
The days I like best are sunny days ,
Because I can go to the beach .

By Nicola & Natalie .

Danny Champion of the World .
The author of the book that this film is based on is Roald Dahl . Danny lives with his father Danny and his father lives in a gipsy caravan Danny had not been attending school before now because his dad was a qualified teacher and was teaching him at home . Danny 's dad works in his garage in the daytime and at night time he goes poaching . The landowner was Mr . Hazel and he wanted Danny 's fathers land to build a new town . I think Danny and his dad were popular because when they needed help people came to help them . Danny 's dad had to stop poaching for a while because he broke his leg . The poilce -mans excuse was that Willam had a leg injury . They sewed sleeping tablets to put the pheasants to sleep . When they put their plan into action they caught alot of pheasants . I would make a trap to catch pheasants so that I would not kill them .

Dear local residents, 
I know you think the quarry is an ugly hole . I know it may pollute your water however we are going to put down a special chemical seal. We are going to put a bird scaring deince . The quarry might be a smelly place beside your house. We know there is a load of traffic as your children walk home from school . We understand that you do not like the quarry beside your house. In thirty years time there is going to be a quarry park were people can go and enjoy themself .
yours sincerly
Gemma and Nicola


P.7 Work

Every year I've had a ball,
Lead the way so we can play.
More space to play with not so much people,
Get your trainers, lets go and play.
Remove the bad boys so we can have fun,
Overall it's great teachers and all.
Very hard work it's worth in the end.
Every year I've been happy 
So I'd like to thank everybody.

By Christopher

P.5 Work


A Great Day Out

We went to Navan with the school and St.Johns came with us.I had a great time on the bus we talked and told jokes.It was a fun jurney.I thought the film was good and exciting.At the archaeology course the boys from St.Johns were talking and not listening to us to see if the answer was right.I liked talking to Robert Reilly about fishing.We talked about the fish we caught .When we eventually got to NAVAN we looked at pictures of Cu Chulain.
By Christopher



P.7 Work

Wonder Years

In P1 I sucked my thumb
In P2 I tied my shoe 
In P3 so merry were we
In P4 harder than before
In P5 we all thrived
In P6 I feel sick
In P7 Oh seventh heaven
Goodbye Mr Gray.

By Alan

P.6 Work


The Snowman

The snowman lifted me up in the air I looked down and I saw the = fields . All of a sudden we where getting closer to the ground. We met his other snowman friends we played with them for about an hour. We flew home I played with him for the last hour and promised I would make him next year and we would have lots of fun again .



P.7 Work

Elmgrove Memories

Elmgrove Primary School was the best days of my life
Little children running everywhere 
Maths was fun and so was English 
Geography and History are too 
R is for running the races for sport
Our teachers are kind our teachers are helpful
Various teachers can be cross
Elmgrove I'll miss it all!.

By Melissa


P.7 work

School Time

I wake up every morning
I jump out of my bed,
I dress my-self very quickly
And out the door I head

I run into the school
And sit down on my seat,
I always know the morning ends
With a special break-time treat.

We come in from the playground
And we're ready for our work,
We have English, Maths and Science
Boy this is harder than I thought.

We have our dinner at a quarter past 12
Then we play outside,
At 1'o clock we all hear the bell
Then line up in a nice neat line.

We all come in to the classroom
And do a little more maths,
The bell will ring at 3'o clock
And we will all go home at last.

BY Nadine

P.6 work


The Snowman

Then we flew up in to the cold air above us.The felids were full of snow. I could see my house from were I was. I looked down people were as small as ants. We stoped me and and the snowman were going down,down and down.We touched the ground . He uncovered my eyes .I looked around and all i saw was lots of snowmen.who are they i said. He said they are all his friends.I stayed for a while and we had a party. It was a lot of fun for all of us.Then i had to go home .I said good bye to the snowman and he vanished. I ran in .I ran upstairs into my room before anybody new.


P.7 Work

Through The Years

Primary One
I miss my mum
Finding lots of new chums
Up and down stairs children run

Primary Two
Books and pencils
Crayons to be used
In Primary Two
There's lots to do

Primary Three
We start P.E
Jumping with glee
Running and jumping
Dancing too Oh how I love P.E

Primary Four
Miss McBride shouts, "Silence please"
Heads down work to do
Reading, sums and tables too
Oh lots of hard work for me
Waiting for the bell to ring at three

Primary Five
Up the road I go with my friends
Wet cold days drenched from head to toe
Warm cosy classrooms to get dried out

Primary Six 
Upstairs I go harder work more things to do
Playing lots more sports in super P.E

Primary Seven 
Final year eleven plus to pass
New school visit
Tears shed children shout
First form here we come

By Andrew

P.5 Work

Half Term Holiday

1. On Friday I went to the cinema to see A Bug's Life .
2. On Sa turday I rented a video it was called War- Zone .
3. On Sunday I went to Connswater shopping centre 
By Andrew


On rainy days we can't go out to play.
On cloudy days it is dull.
On windy days we can fly our kites.
On sunny days we go out to play with our friends.-
The days I like best are sunny days because.
We can go out to play.
Joel, Andrew & Thomas.

Dear local residents,
We know that you are unhappy but we will put a special chemical seal under the rubbish so that the water will not be polluted . We will put a bird scaring device to scare the birds away.
Yours sincerly 
Roy and Andrew


P.7 Work

School Days

Soon I will be changing school
Coming each day to Ashfield Girls
Holidays are between now and then
Our school uniform is not green anymore 
Oh I wish I could stay because the work will get harder
Leaving school should be scary

Days are getting longer as we play after school each night
After primary school it will be like a new life
Yes only 2 months until I start my new school
Scared or excited, I don't know which.

By Lyndsey

P.6 Work

please come to our SCHOOL EIMER 

TIME ?9.45AM 11.30AM




P.7 Work

My School Poem

What is school?
A place where teachers boss you about all day If you be good you'll be A okay.

What is a teacher?
A brilliant person who helps you learn if you talk he / she will gurn.

What are students?
Children who just want to play. There really not that bad .Are they?

What is work?
Something that student's dislike, when they don't finish it teachers get uptight.

What is break and lunch time?
A time that's fun for everyone, when we have to go in it's really dull.

By Kristine

D-L. M.


P.7 Work

Debbie-Lee's Elmgrove Memories

Elmgrove is the best school around
Laughter and happiness can always be found
Musical talents from the orchestra and choir
Generations of children made to inspire
Remembering our teachers who have shown us the way
Opportunities new will be coming each day 
Visions of the future and also the past
Eternal in my mind and they will always last

By Debbie-Lee

Speed Train At 3pm

On Monday 10th May people and families were waiting for the three o'clock train to Bangor. The people were waiting quite normally.The train approached at 2:58 exactly. The people took a step forward when suddenly they heard a loud screech the people gasped and took a step backward and and realised that the train wasn' t going to stop.The engine driver turned the siren on.The people knew that they were about to impact into the building.The people braced themselves tightly to the seat. Some froze others were rushing towards the rear end of the train.Ü?€>? ?? ,Î?Some people ran and called for help. SUDDENLY there was a crash luckily it only hit the building quite gently everyone had a sigh of relief. No one was badly injured only a few minor cuts and bruises. There was 64 people on board the train, they had come back from Bangor. They were all so happy that they were not involved in a terrible accident.

By Debbie Lee

P.5 Work,

Half Term Holiday

1.On Friday I went to a youth club in Bloomfield Presbyterian Church.
2.On Saturday afternoon my sister,my friend Stacey,my mum and I went to the cinema to see The Parent Trap.
3. On Sunday I went to the Prairy Inn to have my dinner because it was my aunties birthday.
By Debbie Lee


On rainy days it's not much fun,
On cloudy days it's awfully dull,
On windy days I get blown away,
On sunny days I sunbathe,
The days I like best are sunny,
Because I like to go to the beach.
Philip & Debbie Lee.


 K. McC.

P.7 Work

A School Poem

As I started p1 in 1994, 
I was a little bit scared as I went in the door
We soon settled down, the next thing I knew
The year had gone by I'd moved on to p2.

Looking back p2 and p3 were such fun
Learning, reading and writing and doing our sums
Having stories read to us and watching T.V.
Being in the play area making pretend cups of tea.

Then it was time to leave the wee end behind
On to our teacher Miss McBride
Now in p4 we stay an hour longer
Our school work improved, our minds got stronger

One year later here I am 
with my sandwiches filled with ham
Would you believe it I'm in p5
To think I'll soon be old enough to drive!

P6 started off like all the rest and from Easter we got ready for our Transfer Test
Even when school stopped at the end of year, we had work to do it and I couldn't cheer
Working instead of going out with all our friends I think we will be glad when the test ends!

September 2000 our last year at Elmgrove begins
We get lots of test papers our heads start to spin
Roll on November when the test will be over
Then maybe our brains will start to recover

The rest of p7 was great to be in
With are trips to places we'd never been
I only hope that wherever we go to
We will be as happy as we were at Elmgrove Primary School.

By Kirsty P.5 Work

Half Term Holiday

1.On Friday I went to the cinema to see Madeline with my sister and our two friends.
2.On Friday night I went to a youth club at Bloomfield Presbyterian church it was good fun we played operation and other games.
By Kirsty


On rainy days it is very wet and boring,
On cloudy days it`s dark and dull,
On windy days paper blows away,
On sunny days you see lots of gulls.
The days I like best are rainy days,
Because you can splash in puddles all day.
By Saul& Kirsty

My Self
Koala is a favourite animal
Ice Bowl nearly every Saturday
Ride my bike up in my granny's
Sunday school every Sunday
Trustful to other people
Yellow is my favourite colour

Alway's outside
Monday night's I go to GB
Amanda is my middle name
Not popular
Dog called Penny
Alway's playing with my friend's

By Kirsty 

R. McC.

P.7 Work

In P1 I sat and cried
In P2 I lost my shoe
In P3 I giggled with glee
In P4 I came in the door
In P5 I could almost jive
In P6 I learnt to spell fix
In P7 it's time to go....
....and we sadly leave, having to say a final goodbye.

By Roxanne

P.5 Work

Half Term Holiday

1 I went ice skating on monday. 
2 I went to see my coisn camron .
3 I pented Titic on sunday after noon. By Roxanne


Elmgrove Primary School 289 Beersbridge Road Belfast Bt5 4rs monday 30th November 1998

Dear Dr Scott ,
Thankyou for allowing us t0 come to the tree trail. Are class liked the play park fraiy much .


On rainy days you must bring a umbrella,
On cloudy days it is dull ,
On windy days the leaves get blown away ,
On sunny days you can wear shorts and a t shirt,
The days I like best are sunny days ,
Because I am very warm.
Roxanne and Jason .

Danny Champion of the world 
1 The author of the book is Roald Dald. 
2 Danny lives with his father Willam . 
3 Danny lives in a gigay caravan with his dad. 
4 His dad thiching danny in t he caravan .

S. McL.

P.7 Work


It has been for many years
With a lot of history to tell
Some of my relations have passed through Elmgrove
And some famous people as well.

Times have changed through the years
Modern buildings and modern attitudes 
Elmgrove has stayed in it's own time 
Old fashioned, friendly and a happy place to be.

In the years to come when I am old
I shall think fondly of Elmgrove
I will look at photos and keep my tie
And remember the friends I had and
The happy times we shared.

By Scott


P.6 Work


Come to Elmgrove

To Kevin,

Where? Come to Elmgrove Primary school 
289 Beerbridge Road, Belfast

When? Date Wedenesday 16th February 2000 
Time 9:45 am to11:45am

Whats On? Athletics, Computer program, School tour.
Bring/Need Tracksuit+trainers (wear)
Snack for breaktime

Meet you at the School gates



P.5 Work



The bus was half an hour late but we still made it. We did not get to walk up the mound .Before lunch we did the Mystert Quest landscape quest and story quest and we had our lunch a then we. Went to look at the mound and we saw the biggest dog that lived and at the start we saw frog-spawn and our teacher Mrs Martin when she was talking to us the automatic doors closed on her. 

J. McM.

P.7 Work


I am in p1 life is hard for me 
I can’t get used to saying goodbye to my mum.
I’m in p2 I’ve got used to saying goodbye to my mum but there’s only one thing
It’s not good but from to time I still hate school.
I’m in p3 the work has started but it’s not hard.
P4 is when the work gets harder but now I get used to being away from my mum.
P5, 6 and 7 are all fun but the work gets harder still.

By Jason


P.6 Work


Elmgrove Primary School
289 Beersbridge Road, Belfast
Date Wednesday 16th February 2000
Time 9.45am -11.30am
Things NEEDED snack

What to wear Tracksuit and trainers
EVENTS Crazy Computer Game
Amazing Athletics 
Tremendous School Tour

We'll send someone to meet you at the school gates.

From Jason

P.5 Work

Half Term Holiday
1 I played my Nintendo 64 on Friday after noon . 
2 I went to the cinema to see the Prince of Egypt .
3 I went to chrunch on sunday . 
By Jason


On rainy days you must bring a umbrella,
On cloudy days it is dull ,
On windy days the leaves get blown away ,
On sunny days you can wear shorts and a t shirt,
The days I like best are sunny days ,
Because I am very warm.
Roxanne and Jason .

Dear Project Manager.
We do not want our countryside polluted. Our children can not walk home from school because the dust is all over the place. The traffic was very bad because the tanks were all over the place. It is too noisy around this countryside. The smell is too smelly because I can smell it. 
Your sincerely , 
Jason Melanie . 


P.7 Work

Elmgrove Primary School

End of nursery no more playing and crying for my mum
Laugh you may it wasn't very funny back then
Monday the start of school I was very scared
Going home such a relief
Rolling with fun in P1
Out of P1 it wasn't the end 
Viewing P2 and it was starting all over again 
Ending now and when I look back such fun I had on my journey at Elmgrove.

By Christopher

P.6 Work

`Come To Elmgrove Primary School

To Christopher

Where ? Elmgrove Primary School

When ? Wedensday 16 th February 2000

Wear a Tracksuit and trainers
Bring? Snack for breaktime

Whats On? Athletics , 
Computer program {Vikings} 
School Tour 



P.7 Work

E is for Elmgrove the best school in the world
L is for laughter we have everyday
M is for mothers who take us to school
G is for grass which surrounds our school
R is for reading we do each day 
O is for orchestra ours is the best
V is for victory over all the rest
E is for everlasting joy I had at Elmgrove

By Julie

P.6 Work


The Snowman

As we were flying through the skyI was holding the snowman,s hand.I was looking down at myfriends house it was really small. I saw all my friends making snowmen. Then we stared to get lower I was really excited.Then I started to make snowmen with my friends but there snowmen did not come alive. Then It was three o'clock I jumped I said my mum is going to kill me. Then we better go O.K . Then we got home my mum shouted at she said who were you with I was with the snowman I made yesterday WHAT he came alive. Get you up to bed but what about the snowman he can lie in the basment O.K. Then the next morning he had melted and I never saw him again.


D. N.

P.7 Work

Elmgrove School is really good.
Leaving I do agree much.
Might take the bus to school today.
Good morning I will say to the bus driver.
Reading, Spelling, Maths and English that's what we do mostly.
Other times its Science, RE, History and Geography,
Very easy subjects but can be hard.
Every day we will do something cool.

By Dean



P.7 Work

Mr. Gray

Elmgrove is a very good primary school, I don't want to leave

Leaving this school is going to be the hardest thing I will have to do, also I will miss all the primary school teachers I've had in the past.

My two sisters will be going into p2 and p7 I hope they enjoy Elmgrove as much I did.

Glastry is the high school I will be leaving to go to, I hope I meet nice teachers but they won't be as nice as the teachers in Elmgrove.

Running schools must be very hard but I know this school must be the best, all the teachers, helpers and the headmaster.

Older and older we get as in the next 6 or 7 years or even more than that we will be leaving school to get a good job.

Very soon p7's will be leaving it will be the summer holidays p1-p7 teachers will be getting a new class as another year goes past.

Elmgrove is a school I don't think any other is as good as ours.

By Toni

Mrs. Hammond

SYDNEY 2000 
æL THINK THAT she is wereing to mush cloths and she came first in the 400 /metres she is from A ust ralia and she lit the Olympic flame and she is in the relays . WE all watch the opening ceremony i like the relays and the 400 metres I watch the closeing ceremony i liked the fireworks at the end the OLym pics will be held in greece 2004. IT will be a long time to wa it for a long time f or the Olymic games for winter in 2004. good we got 11

P.5 Work

Half Term Holiday

1. On Friday I went to Bangor and had lunch in burger king.
2. On Saturday I went to Ballet the teacher that teaches us is called Miss Julie.
3. On Sunday Laurie and I went to Sunday school.
By Toni

Dear Local Residents,
I am sorry that we have to throw the ribbish here however we will put a chemical seal to stop the water being polluted.We will put a bird scaring device up so the birds don,t put ribbish all over the fields and spoil your fields. I hope you look ahead in thirty years time because there will be bright green grass and a park . I am sorry that the hole spoils your homes. Rubbish has to go somewhere
your sincerely 


On rainy days it is very wet,
On cloudy days it is dark and dull,
On windy days you get blown off your feet,
On sunny days we get out to play,
The days I like best are snowy days,
Because I like playing in the snow.

By Roy & Toni

Danny Champion of the World

1.Roald Dalh was the author of this film and book.
2.Danny lives with his father.
3.Danny lives in a gipsy caravan.
4.Danny had not been attending school because his dad said that Danny was a good macaneck 
5.In the daytime he was a macaneck and at night he was a poacher.
6. Mr Hazel was the landowner and wanted Dannys fathers land because he wanted to build a town over it.
7. I think they were popular because lots of people liked them.
8. William stoped poaching for a while because he bork his leg.
9. The excuse that the police man gave to Mr Hazel was that Willam fell down stairs and bork his leg.


P.7 Work

You come to school on your first day making friends and having fun.
You are in p2 you have a new teacher and more work to do.
In p3 you have lots of fun and play outside with your friends.
Now you are in p4and you have made some new friends.
In p5 you have more work to do and lots of homework.
You are in p6 and you learn something new every day.
You are in p7 and you are leaving school soon

By Marc


P.6 Work


The Snowman

As we were flying through the air I began to lose my grip on the snowman 's hand. Soon I was rapidly approaching the ground and then.... SPLAT ! Mph mm was all that came out each time I tried to speak . I was kicking my legs and screaming with my head buried in the snow. After I finally opened my eyes I was flying through the air with the snowman again . Soon we found a tribe of Indian snowmen that stole my new friends arm and threw spears at us . The next time we met snowmen who were space age snowmen. They were much smarter not at all primitive and were very violent. They shot at us with highly advanced weapons . The snowman was hit and disintegrated . After an hour I was also hit and joined my friend in ....... aaaaaaahhhhhhh . Marc


P.5 Work


Rotten week to sunny week

Sunday was sunny it was so hot.
But Monday was rotten cold not hot.
Tuesday was rainy still no sun.
Wednesday was snowy everything white.
Friday was stormy no more electric.
Saturday thunder but tomorow is Sunnyday.

I was right it was sunny all that week .
I got a tan and so would you .
No shoes on any feet only sandals.
OUCH I said walking along the floor.
I need the rain 
By Marc 



P.7 Work

The Best Days Of My Life

The first day I stepped into the school
I wandered if it was going to be cool
I got scared and looked around
The next thing I knew I was on the ground

I thought I was brilliant
I was moving up
It felt like I had just won a cup
I got a new teacher through the year
We all give her a very big cheer

I thought I was big 
I was one of the oldest
Until someone hit me a dig
And I knew they were the boldest

I moved to the big playground
I was so scared
I wouldn't make a sound
So many people, can my friends be found?

I was nine and felt very fine
In P5 I felt so alive
Everyday I would say
I love this school hip-hip hooray!

Every year it was getting harder
So much work it was out of order
I thought P6 was ment to be fun
I usually had all my work done.

Thinking of the eleven plus
It was so much of a fuss
We started to have a lot of fun
When the test was done

I loved those Elmgrove years
To think they started with many fears
Now this is my very last
To sum up, I've had a blast!

By Ashleigh


P.6 Work

The Snowman

The snowman grabbed my arm and started flying in the sky. We flew past a white field. The houses looked like a big ant and the people looked like small ants. Then we got to the cold North pole. There were lots of other snowmen and it was a snow mans birthday. and we played goodgames. And we played snow ball fights. Then we had some food. Me and the snow man started flying again. We crashed the snow man banged his head .And the wind was very blowy .He tryed to fly but we fell again We were right infront of my house. I said do you want to do it tomorrow . My mum saw me and she told me to go to bed the next day he melted. Next Christmas I built him again. 


P.5 Work

1 .He cant run because he has a bad leg. 
2.The boy was afraid of the bull.
3.Several cows were grazing in the field.
4.They have done everything I asked them to do.
5.James is a very kind boy.
6. I have never saw an eclipse of the sun.
1.Three people seen the accident .
2.Sarah did her best to tidy the garage.
3.The book is kept on the shelf.
4.Philip rested when he had done his work.
5It is the biggest trout I have seen. 
6.The books are kept on the shelf. 

P.7 Work

A Poem about School

Early in the morning having to get up for school,
Late sometimes when the teachers marking the roll,
Must do this, must do that, must do everything, 
Get packed and now I'm off to school oh how boring,
R.E. with the teacher, Maths and P.E. too,
On and off we change and do a different subject,
Vice Principal Miss Brown telling us to be quiet,
Every day we have to go to school to learn to read and write.

Pupils in P7 are leaving ‘ oh how sad'
Raining all day no option you still have to come,
I don't want to leave because I am so used to it,
Mr Gray our teacher is one of the best teachers,
As soon as I leave I know I will want to come back,
Resting and relaxing I do that when I go home,
Young children will be starting Elmgrove in September, travelling the same road we did.

I know that I have really enjoyed being at Elmgrove it is so sad that I'm having to leave so good luck to the Teachers and all my friends.

By Dawn

P.6 Work

Come to Elmgrove

To, Seainin,

Where? Elmgrove Primary School,
289 Beersbridge Road.

When? Wednesday 16th February 2000
9:45am to 11:30am.

What's On? Athletics,
Computer Program, {Vikings}
School Tour.

Bring and Need, Tracksuit+ trainers, {wear}
Snack for breaktime.

We will meet you at the gate

From Dawn


P.7 Work

P1 was a year when I still sucked my thumb
P2 was for dressing up in the playroom
P3 I thought I was moving up life
P4 meant no more playtime, just trying to count, read and write
P5 big hard maths sheets and lots of tests
P6 all hard work, it's will it ever end
P7 it was all worthwhile ELMGROVE, 
.....thank you.

By Steven

P.6 Work

Paul come to our schooL

Where? Elmgrove primary school 
289 Beersbridge Road Belfast

WHEN 9:45am1130am

Whats on ? Athletics
Computer program[viking]
School \Tour

Bring\need Tracksuit+ trainers[wear them]




P.7 Work

Elmgrove is my primary school which I will always remember.
Lots of good memories at Elmgrove which I will never forget.
Mr Gray is my p7 teacher who I've liked a lot.
Good teachers who help us do our work 
Raging teachers who shout at bad boys and girls.
Our work has improved through the years.
‘Very good' our teachers write on our books 
Everybody from p7 is leaving Elmgrove and I'm gonna miss it and all my schoolmates.

By Lindsay


As I was watching the trains go by to Antrim suddenly another train came down towards the train to Antrim and everyone was panicing and the trian could not stop. They both banged in to each other and I ran to a phone for help. The ambulance came and people had to go on the ambulance and everyone had to get out because the train was burning and children were crying. Some parents were too. The train driver. said children and women first.

By Lindsay

P.6 Work

Half Term Holiday.
1.Monday night I went to Disco danceing Igot lurnt a new solo.
2.After Disco Danceing Iwent to my granny and granda's house.
3.My mum and dad went to Dublin and I had to go to mygranny and granda's house to stay.
By Lindsay

On rainy days I do not like the rain ,
On cloudy days it is dull,
On windy days rubish blows about the streets,
On sunny days it is nice and cam,
The days I like best are sunny days ,
Because I can stay out later.

By Melanie and Lindsay.


P.7 Work

Mr.Gray Elmgrove, Elmgrove how I will miss you?
Going to a new school will it belike going back into P1.

Elmgrove, Elmgrove how will I do in my new work and what about P.E. and all my old teachers too, so what will I do?

Elmgrove, Elmgrove so this is goodbye I think I do not like it, do you?
I hope my children come here too.

By Nicola


The Romanian team hit frist place gold. Russia's Svetlana Khorkina, who made an uncharacteristic mistake in her performance, show her nervousness [ left and below] and later look back at the Victorious Romanian team.The next Olympics will be held in Greece. We pick Gymnastics because it is fun to do. And I like the swing to . All the a even`s are good to watch. The winter Olympics well be held in two year`s.

P.5 Work


289 Beersbridge Road
BT 5 4RS

Dear Santa,
I hope you and your wife are alright, and Rudolf too. I will leave you out a glass of milk and chocolate cookies and a carrot for Rudolf. I liked the presents from last year. Please may I have a Bunny rabbit doll, a game called Squid, a porcelain doll and a Barbie. I am in P5 now. My teacher is called Mrs Martin, I am nine years old. I have one brother one sister.
Yours sincerely


289 Beersbridge Road 
BT 5 4RS

Dear Granny,
I am nine years old. I go to Elmgrove Primary School. I love the things you got me for Christmas. Is the fish alive? I hope you can come and see me and mum, Dad and Kerry-Ann. I love you. Will you come and stay for a Week .
Your sincerely



P.7 Work

The Elmgrove Rap

Elmgrove is really cool,
It's the best ever known primary school
When we are really good and sweet,
We always get a lovely treat.

We watch T.V. when we are good,
And sometimes we even get some food,
But when we are really bad,
We get no treats and that is sad.

The brilliant choir and orchestra,
Have all got the great stamina,
They help each other to get things right,
And practice every day and night.

When you join Elmgrove Primary school,
You meet new friends and that is cool,
You go on trips and residentials,
And in the shop you can get some pencils.

We have sports day and we have lots of fun,
As we play all day in the bright warm sun,
We have assembly and we sing a song,
The teachers even sing along.

But when you leave your Primary school,
To go to a school with a fancy pool,
You’ll never forget the lovely time,
You had when you were making this rhyme.

By Amy


P.6 Work


The Snowman

Then the first thing I knew I was flying through the thick icy air.His hand was terribly cold but it was fabulous. It was a beautiful sight. All the trees were covered in snow and the fields were too. The people were like little beetles and you could hardly see them. It was the most outrageous thing I had ever seen. The only thing that puzzled me was where we were going. I asked the snowman, and he told me that we were going back to my house. When we got back to the snowy ground I told him I had a wonderful time. Then suddenly the chimes started ringing and this colourful light flashed upon him and he stopped moving. So I went back to bed and waited till the next day. The next day the same thing happened. He woke up and he came into my house and we both had something to eat. Then suddenly my mother and father came down. So I quikly threw him into the coboard. My mother and father came in and said what's that mess on the floor (It was because of the snowman) so I just made it up and said I just spilled some water. When I got the snowman out of the coboard we went to the park. Flying threw the air the snowman bashed into a sighnpost and diappeared. That was the last I saw of my wonderful friend.


P.5 Work


289 Beersbridge Road 
BT 5 4RS

Dear Santa ,
I hope you are all right in that weather.
Is Rudolf and all the other reindeer all right because you couldn't come to my house without a reindeer?
I just got my Christmas tree up on Sunday and my dad has changed my bedroom around.My mummy said I wasn't allowed the doll Baby Born which does everything a baby does and I thought you could buy me one. My brother said he was going to make you an apple which says you're name on it. Please may I have a art kit because I like drawing and colouring and please may I have some make-up aswell. Do you like cream cake because it was mydaddy's birthday last Friday. I hope you will enjoy the cake and merry Christmas
Yours sincerely


289 Beersbridge Road
BT 5 4RS

Dear Emma Spice,
How are you? I am fine. I hope Ginger Spice is talking to you because I'm missing her and I'm hoping she will come back. My name is Amy Wilson and you're my favourite Spice girl. I play a cornet and my family play other instruments and people call us the musical family. I've got all your CDs. My school is Elmgrove Primary School and my teacher is called Mrs Martin and she is the best teacher that has ever taught me. I hope you'll write back soon.
Yours sincerely 


P.7 Work

School Days

Seven years ago I started primary 1
Children playing games, learning and having lots of fun
How long will it be until I am P2
Oh goodness me I am in P3
Over the years we have had to learn hard work
Leaving Elmgrove now it will really hurt

Daily tests, stories and sums, we always do our best
A second chance I'll get, when doing Orangefield tests
Yes how I'm off to secondary school
So I hope it's just as cool

By Toni

E.M.U. Activities :

This is the St Teresa's P6 classroom. I thought it was very small but colourful.
We played games in the P.E hall . We played through the hoop. We got a tour around the school .We had lunch in the P.E hall . At break and lunch we went out to the play ground to play. We had a great day.

This is ST.Teresa`s Primary School. It is on the Glen Road. P6HL went their for a trip to find out who our pen pals were.
This is ST.Teresa's assembly hall. They do most of their school plays here . There is a door at the back of the stage which the actors come in.

We were at St Teresa's on Thursday 11th November, 1999. We met our penpal. My penpal was called Bronagh. In their school we played pass the ball and in the photo it shows Roy, ChritopherM, ChristopherH, Lyndsey L, Debbie-lee, Nichola and Amy.

This photograph is of the Glen Road that St. Teresa's school is on and outside their school there is a walk over bridge. When you are in their class you can see all the cars going past.

This display was typed on the eMates by Toni, Kirsty, Roxanne, Debbie-Lee, Kristine, Roy, AndrewB and ChristopherH.

In this photo we were playing a game where you had to hit the other person with a roll of newspaper. When you hit the person you had to put the roll of newspaper in a red box before the other person hit you. It was brilliant.

We went to St.Terea's on the bus.We played games and had a tour of the school .Everybody enjoyed themselves at St.Teresa's Primary. By Christopher

This is Amy playing the detective game. She was very good at it ,although it was very hard. You had to guess who the leader was who was making everyone do actions.

This is Amy and Caoimhe. They made friends when we were playing a game. They are doing a What You Like sheet.

This is everybody playing Chinese Whispers . You had to pass on what the person beside you said.

On our visit to St. Teresa's we played games and they gave us a tour of their school. They had a very big school and a very big playground. My partner is called Michelle. She has brown hair and she wears glasses.

St. Teresa's pupils designed their own Viking shields. You can see these in the photo.

We all did quizzes with Michelle and John. We had to write what our favourite food, pop groups were and did we have a pet. St. Teresa's pupils had to wear their uniforms but we could wear a track suit. We had our lunch there.

We played a game where we had to throw a ball to each other and another where we had to clap our hands then the next person beside you had to clap. We also played two other games and my favourite was the one where we had to hit someone with a newspaper then run round in a circle and sit back down in the person who hit you with the newspaper's place. We went home in a coach at three o'clock.

We were visting St.Teresa's on Thursday 11th November 1999 . We met our pen pal and we were finding out about each other by writing what food we liked. This photo is of Stacy , Lyndsey and me.

This photograph is of St. Teresa's hall. We are playing a game where you go though the hoop. In this photograph you can see Christine, Amy, Caoimhe, Gary and half of James!

St. Teresas When we went to St. Teresa's we played a game called Chinese Whispers. It was funny because we came off with such silly words.

This is half of our class and half of their class in St. Teresa's P6. classroom.

This is Andrew Loughran and Christopher Morton playing a game holding hands and climbing through the hoop.

This is Roy Dillon and Christopher Murphy in a room and behind them is our Bill Board which we made for them. It was all about our area and our school.

In St. Teresa's Primary school we went into their Assembly hall. This picture shows James Bennington and Marc Ricthie with Christopher and Gary learning more about each other.

This photo shows Stacy Henderson, Roxanne McCrum and Lyndsey Letman learning about each other aswell.

Anonymous Navan Stories :


Navan Stories

Navan Fort
The start of the day did'nt start so well because the bus was late . Finally the bus came and we all got on . My partner was Chelcie Owens . It took a very long time to get there.When we got there we had our break . When we had finished St. Johns and us went to the Mystery Quest and got told about The Navan Dragon . It was very interesting. After that we went to the archaeologists workshop .We had to go with our partner and two St.Johns boys.After that we had our lunch. We then went to a shop. After that we saw a mound. Then we went to a cinema we saw four sences called The Naming of Navan, How Cuhulain got his name ,Deirdre and Naiose and The Cattle Raid Of Cooley.My favourite part was the cinema.

Navan Fort 
Last week we went to Navan Fort. The bus was a bit late but apart from that it was briliant. I sat on the bus with Cheryl my best friend. I shared my mints with her on the way. When we got there we went into the Navan center. First of all we had our break then we went into a small room and watched a sort of video. At the end of it a dragon breathed smoke out of it's nose holes. It was very spooky. Then we went into the archaeology place and we did'nt get to see the biggist dog in the world. After that we went to get our lunch I was the last one in my class to fininsh my lunch. Then we went to the shop and I bought a pencil , pen and a note book. After we went to see the mound because the bus was so late we could'nt climb the mound. Then we went to the bus and we got on it. Me and Cheryl sat beside each other on the way back.