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Mrs Chambers' Class 1998 - 1999


long ago many thousands of years ago there lived a Greek girl named Arachne . Arachne was known for the great weaving she had done . Arachne was very vain about herself and laughed at girls who did not have such a gift.One night Arachne was weaving a great rug when an old bent woman appeared,"What brings you here ?' Arachne questioned as she tossed her hair. "I am here to tell you that there is a woman who is better than you at weaving,and she is going to challenge you to a contest tomorrow." Then the woman vanished. The next day Arachne and Athene showed up in the centre of Greece. After the first person showed up they started.They were both nearly finished their weaving when Athena pointed her finger at Arachne,s woven picture and it broke in half then she struck Arachne,s head . Arachne hanged herself for having so much vain in herself but then Athena brought Arachne back to life but turned her into a spider so that she could weave herself a beautiful web



A Weavers Day.

Hello my name is Laura and I work as a weaver in a very large factory.I am going to tell you what a weavers day is like.
I live with my mum,dad,brothers and sister in a small poky house. We hire a rapper-up so we can't be late for work.
I am woken up by a loud bang on the door so I crawl out of bed into my small, tight, dirty dress. I help get my baby brother dressed and then we have breakfast. We just have the left overs from lasts nights supper.
Finally we rush out the door and i walk down to the Ship Yard with my two brothers and my dad. Then I meet my sister and we walk to the factory. Suddenly we are startled by the the bell screeching to alarm us that work is starting until one o'clock. Then we walk in the gates and they are locked securely behind us. Another days hard work ahead of us. 
The people who work as weavers in the factories think their jobs are much better than the millworkers but I would prefer to work in a mill as it isn't as dangerous. Lots of people have being injured or even killed in the factories because the metal machines have caught something and cut their bodies.
Eventually the bell rings and everyone scrambles out for a thirty minute break. This is when I meet my mum and sister. My mum works in the mill so she can look after my baby brother Jack. My sister and I also get a breath of fresh air after all the smoke in the factory.
Then we say good-bye and crowd back into the factory while my mum goes off to the mill. Things don't really change in the factory in the afternoon so I'll just skip until we go home.
As we all pile out the gates the coughing of everyone sighs. But I am just happy to see my family again hoping they haven't been hurt in an accident. When we get home we have dinner and nobody is long out of bed. So as soon as our heads hit the pillow we fall into a deep sleep.
And that is a weavers day.

By Laura



Mill Worker

I am a mill worker. I am 15 years old. I am a doffer. My job is to pick bobbins off the floor. I work in my bare feet and it is very sore.I first got my job when I was 11. I'll tell you about it.
I got my clothes on, a grey frock and apron. Then I walked 2 or 3 miles down the road. I walked in and hung my frock up. Then I chatted with my friend Sadie , but we got beaten. Mable my friend was late. Her rapper-up didn't come. My job at first was fun but it's not now. At 4pm my boss came and watched me.
When I was 14 I became a spinner. It was very hard and I tangled all my cloth up so I had to become a doffer again. The same day Martha's hair got caught in a machine. She was my best friend but she died.
I have to go to work now. I might tell you if I'm promoted as a spinner, but I don't think I will!!!

by Kim




I say if you are a mill worker you will say it is hard work. You have to work until you are to old and you can not get of your bed. It is very hot you can't stop for a minute . Me and my mum work there. My friend does too. She said she wished she did not have to come because it was such hard work . My daddy works as a flax producer. I go to school for half a daythen I go to work. I rush back and forwards, I only get nine hours sleep.It's not fair, a child only gets nine hours sleep, so don't get a job at the mill. My dad gets less sleep than me, the older you are the les sleep you get. My friend is only nine but Iam 12 my friend is called Alisa she gets ten hounrs sleep.




On Friday 19th of march our bus came at a quater to 10. It took a while for the bus to take us there .When we got there we got split into two groups my group had to make a game.You had to glue wee bits of woods to a board and roll a marble down the the board and see how slow it would go.Then we went down the stairs to three statues and the man told us all about them then we watched a film.Then we looked at the machines and how they worked then we got to spin some linen on the spinning wheel.Then we went up the lift then up the stairs and then we had our lunch.And that was the end of OUR LINEN TRIP BY GLENN



On Friday we went on a trip to the Linen centre in Lisburn. At we had to go down to the assembly hall. At nine thirty we came back. We did work until nine fifty five then Mrs Chambers said,"Put yourpencil's down and line up.My bus partner was James.We were not allowed to eat sweets or move.It took an hour to get there. When we go off there was a big hill we had to walk up. When we got there we went up into the paint room. There where very old paintings we sat down and went into two groups, I was in Gary's group. We where with St. John The Baptist .

By Andrew




On the 19th March we went on a scool trip to the Linen Hall in Lisburn.We got a bus at 9.45.I sat beside Glenn on the bus.When we got off the bus we had to walk up a hill to get to the Linen Hall.The man was called Phillip Simpson.We were split up in two groups.Phillp told us that if the people wanted to dye their clothes they peed in a bucket and then put it in a barrel called the pisspot. After that we went to a different room and then we went back to school. BY JOHN