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Mrs Hutchinson's P.7 1996 - 1997

My thanks to a parent for giving me these pictures.
Thanks to goes to Rachel Corry for supplying most of the names. If you know someone who we haven't a name to please contact the school.
Bottom Row L-R ...Ashleigh Maggee, Kerrie Moffett, Kurt Anderson, Charlene McIver, Danielle Johnson.
Second Row ( with mrs hutchison) ....Christopher Eddie, ???, Ryan Stevenson, Michael Russell, ??? , Thomas ?.
Third Row.....Samantha Robb, Carla Black, Natasha Mudd, Michelle Derby, Emma McMillan, Maria Robb.
Top Row....Stuart McIleese, Dean Hagan, William ?, Matthew ? , John McMillan, Steven Bloomer, ???