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Mrs Patterson's SEN Class 2000 - 2001

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Talking About Objects

Mrs. Patterson's class have been bringing in objects and talking about them. 


My fast motorbike

I have a yellow motorbike. It is a fifty scrambler and it has a black seat. My motorbike has two brakes and it is small but it goes fast and it takes two stroke. When I go on my scambler muck flies up and gets me dirty. My Mum gets cross if I wear my normal clothes on the scrambler. I wear a helmet, a racing suit, gloves and boots to go scrambling in Dixon Park.




My Mum was good to me and my sisters. She was good to everyone. My Mum was thin and had brown hair. She liked to sing a lot. In the caravan she took us to parties and we had great fun. Her favourite song was "Crazy Clown". When we were down in the caravan she sang this song. She shared her sweets with us. She took us to the amusements in the mini bus. Everyone liked her. She was the best mum in the world.


I dance in the Harriers Hall. My teacher is called Vicky Barry. She teaches us very quick movements and then we put the dance movements together. We wear costumes for dancing competitions. My costume has loads of patterns. It has green feathers and there are diamonte stones on it. The light catches the stones when its dark. I have a competition coming up in ten weeks time in Bristol.



C. McM.
I collect Pokemon cards. I like this card because it is a good card.It is MEWTWO. He has good powers and ten damage points. It is a shiny card so people want it. Pokemon have strong powers. You have to train their powers but it takes a long time.