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Norman Burns (1954 - 1961)


Norman Burns here. Just had a wander through the archives. What happy memories. I eft Elmgrove in 1961 [at least two lifetimes ago], but still can remember most of the teachers who were there at the time.

The unknown teacher in the photo [1960's] may be a Mrs Mc Gregor, a scot, who made us recite Rabbie Burns poetry, insisting that on all occasions, we rrrrrrrrroll the r's. She was not at all interested in sport, and during the so called "sports period" took us to the dining/assembly hall for dancing. Yes, dancing [yuk].

I can still visualise all my classrooms, and most of the teachers [God bless them], with fond memories, [ok well most of them], except the dreaded Mrs. Mc Gregor of dancing infamy!!! Have remembered the name of my dancing partner, [bearing in mind I was 10] Sylvia Lockhart, her parents owned the corner shop on the street next to the school. Wonder where she is now.

I have somewhere, photo's of the period, 1954 - 1961, and when I find them, will post them to you.

Meanwhile, keep up the excellent web site, which is in keeping with a great school.


Norman Burns