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Operation Christmas Child 2001 Appeal

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2001 Appeal

The 2001 appeal raised 337 shoe boxes which were sent on Monday 12th November 2000 from Elmgrove Primary. Mr. Gray was interviewed on a nearby church's radio station (broadcasting for a weekend) about the appeal.
The sum of £700 was also raised to help with transportation costs.
The boxes were taken to Townsend Street Presbyterian Church who had thousands of other sheboxes alread in storage ready to go.

Thankyou to everyone who helped with the appeal.

Bringing Boxes To School

Bringing Boxes To School 1
Bringing Boxes To School 2
Bringing Boxes To School 3
Bringing Boxes To School 4

Stacking Boxes In Class

Stacking Boxes In Class 1
Stacking Boxes In Class 2
Stacking Boxes In Class 3

Loading Up Cars

Loading Up Cars 1
Loading Up Cars 2
Loading Up Cars 3

Stacking Boxes In Church

Stacking Boxes In Church 1
Stacking Boxes In Church 2
Stacking Boxes In Church 3

Letter Received

Letter Received 1