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Orchestra (1984 /5?)

If you know anything or can name the pupils who we don't have names for in this photo contact us. The photo is courtesy of Andrea Fraser.
The girl playing the flute 2nd row from the back and 4th from the left is Alison Turnbull. Both of us played together in the orchestra and she appears in a photo that I have of the orchestra which would have been taken around 1983/84. The girl at the far right of the same row playing the violin is Isobel Gibb. Isobel is now teaching in Curry Primary in Belfast. I know Isobel quite well and would see her sometimes. Finally the boy playing the euphonium sitting in the front row 2nd from the right is John Murdoch. His sister Judith was in my class at Elmgrove. Lynn Taylor
Thanks go to John Murdoch, Heather Kell, Karen Coates  and Joanne Whitford for helping with names.
Back Row Heather Kell, Karen Morgan, Elizabeth Brown, Joanne Parkinson, Lidya Hunter, Jacqueline McCallum , Jennifer Gowan
Second Row from Back ??, Claire Bowden, Tanya Gibson, Alison Turnball, Arlene Thompson, Elaine Gordon, Julie Halminton, Isobel Gibb
Middle Row Mandy Robinson, Gillian ??, Joanne Whitford, Nichola Lavery, May Shekelton, Andrea ??
Second Row ??, David Issacs, Stuart McDowell, Darren Flannigan, Karen Coates, Julie Galbraith, 
Front Row David McCambley, Philip McKeag, Julie-Ann Magowan, David Hyde, Mark Bickerstaff, ??, Neil McNerlan, Paul Ellis, John Murdoch, Mark Cree