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Photos of Reopening of New Infant Block? 1983?

Judging by the decor (or lack of it) in most rooms I wonder if this is the first day in the rebuilt infant block. No further details are available. If you can shed any light on why the photos were taken or when or can name anybody in these photos contact us.
A possible date is 1983 or later as the first two photos on this page were recently discovered mounted on a sheet stating "New Infants' Wing 1983."
Sharon Fisher wrote : 
I was just looking at the updated photos when I stumbled across the ones of the new infant block. I'm not sure of the exact year but it was somewhere around 1982/3 - I was in P2 at the time and am actually the girl in the blue cardigan (in the house in one photo and sitting in the background in another!) It's scary how things have changed so much! 
Michelle Reid (Burns) wrote :
The photograoph in the new infant block with two little girls in the house and some children playing in water I think the two girls in the house are Left Sharon Fisher and right Michell Burns . Playing around the water are Shelley Findlay and Darren Shaw . The boy in the green t-shirt I have no clues . The teacher in these photo's looks to me like Mrs Simpson who took P1 - to me that would have made the year 1981 ?
Michelle Reid
( previosly Burns )