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Ray Warke (1962 - 1969>

My name is Raymond Warke. I attended Elmgrove from 1962 until 1969.
Staff members that I remember from that time were: Mr Clementson (I can still smell his aftershave), Dr Hunter, Miss Smith, Mrs Downey, Miss Knox and Mrs McBride. Pupils names that immediately spring to mind are: Albert Baxter, Tom Beatie, Jim McMillan (and his little brothers John and Brian) Adrian Alllen, Sammy Carnduff, Jackie Holmes, Jim and John Kitchen, Kieth Palmer, Tomm Elliot and Alison Waugh. I can't remember many of the girls names as I wasn't interested in girls until they sent me to Orangefield Boy's School (story of my life).
From reading the emails on your site, my memory has been jogged to remember other names such as: Tom Hanna, and Sam Clawson. I'll probably write a note to these guys later.
Anyway, I lived at Lena Street off Ravenscroft Avenue and remember fondly my years at Elmgrove. I too remember the Sports day being held in the playground but also remember other sports days being held in the grounds of Avoniel Primary School!
I lost my eyesight later in life so can't comment on the photos on your site but I'm sure that I'd recognise a few faces at least!
I currently live in Devon with my wife Rachael. We are both musicians and work around the pubs and clubs of south west England
I have always been proud to think that I attended both the same schools (Elmgrove and Orangefield) as Van Morrison even if it was 11 or 12 years later. I am surprised, however, that nobody has yet mentioned that they were in the same class as him. I wonder is he in any of the photos?
Rachael and I are going to see him in concert in Torquay this very evening! This will be the first time I've ever seen him and on the same day that I write to Elmgrove School!
Best regards and congratulations on having such a great web site!

Ray Warke