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Ruth Canavan (1963 - 1970)

Hi Mr Livingston,
I had registered my details with friends reunited and that's how I discovered the Elmgrove web address. I originally checked out the site to see if there were any photographs of Shelley and certainly didn't expect to find a photograph of myself.
I don't remember the photograph being taken- maybe not surprising nearly 33 years later - my memory not being what it used to be.
Some of my teachers at Elmgrove were Mrs Downey, Miss Dickson, Mrs Anderson, Mr Grant and of course Mr Simpson. Mr Clemitson was still headmaster when I left Elmgrove in 1970 and I think he must have retired within the next 2 years as Dr Hunter was headmaster when Geordie was still there and he is 2 years younger than me.
I remember being a helper in the dinner hall and when all the other children had left the hall, we were handed out big trays of chips.
My Mam still lives on the Beersbridge Road and I would occasionally see Ian Atkinson and David McCullough when I'm up visiting. I met Patricia Crozier a few times in the city centre but that would have been a good few years ago. I think I met Walter Myles a long time ago too.
I had a further connection with the school through Grove Baptist Girls' Brigade which still use the hall on Monday evenings and for the annual display.
Also in the GB at that time was Mark Chamber's sister Fiona; and Susan Moore's sister Karen. I think they might have been in the same class as Geordie, or maybe the year between us.
I lived in East Belfast - Belmont area - and worked on the RUC switchboard as a supervisor for over 15 years.
I moved to Castletownbere in 1999 when I married Sean. We live 4km from Castletownbere town on the Beara Peninsula. We have approx. 60 organic sheep, 4 horses, 1 foal (another due in May), 2 cats and a dog.
We also have 2 holiday cottages and have visitors all year round; mostly from Germany, but also from Holland, USA, Australia, UK and Ireland. 
All the best for now.

Ruth O'Sullivan (nee Canavan)

Tir Na Hilan
Co. Cork