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Sam Clawson (1960 - 1967)

I just came across the website and was amazed to see the old photo of Miss McBride's class 1967. I am the small one at the right end of the back row. The tall boy in the middle of the back row I am almost sure is Jim Getty. The boy in the middle laughing and holding his hand up i think is Ken Harvey and the boy to the right behind Brenda Shaw is Colin Jordan. We all went on to Orangefield, I think Jim Getty went into banking Colin joined the fire service. I for my sins am working in agricultural research for Dept of Agriculture at Newforge lane, I live in Donaghadee I am married and have 3 daughters 15, 17 and 19. Wow that pickie takes me back.
As far as I remember my teachers were as follows; Mrs Cunningham P1, Mrs Downie P2, Ms Dixon P3, Ms Smart P4 Mr Grant? P5, Mrs McBride P6 (in 1967 photo) & Mr Simpson P7.My five brothers and me attended Elmgrove Primary from c1949 until c1973.
I'll try and put some more names to faces and forward them to you

Sam Clawson