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Mrs Smyth, Mr Pollock, Mrs Gilpin and Miss Kealey have really missed seeing Key Stage 2 pupils at SU over the last few weeks. But the Sarah, Lyndsey and the rest of the SU team have been busy making videos for you! Check these out in the links below. Why not watch one per day? laugh

SUNI Primary Assembly 1

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

All Things Work Together

Buy this Video here: Buy the Seeds of Courage DVD for home use here: https://www.seedsfa...

Primary SU Session - Week 2

Primary SU Week 3: Xpedition Force

Hey all! We hope you had a good Easter holidays. Here's our third primary SU Session, and this week is all about your sense of taste! Click the links to the ...

Primary SU - Week 4

Welcome to our final week of our senses SU programme. Don't worry, there's still plenty of SU content to come! This week's parents' sheet:

Primary Assembly 4 - God is Powerful

Primary Assembly: God is Powerful Here's Sarah back with another thought for you today! Link for worship song: @

Primary Assembly - God is unchangeable

Good morning! Welcome to our next Primary assembly - here's Anita to tell us more!

Primary SU Video 'Who is Jesus?' Week 3

Primary Assembly - God is Everywhere

Good morning! Welcome to our primary assembly with Mark today who is going to tell us a story from the Bible. Chlidren's Songs: You're everywhere, Vineyard U...

Primary Assembly - 'Thank you'

Good morning! Today we are joining by Lyndsey who is taking time to help us think about being thankful. Suggested praise song: @