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Staff c.1981

This photo is thought to be from around 1981 having spoken to staff.

Back Row : B. Dunn, G. Rolston, M. Thompson, E. Manson, M. Cole, P. Anderson
Middle Row : H. Sinfield, R. McCullough, L. Dawson, P. Irvine, E. Wilson, D.McMillan, L. Kirk, J. ????, C. Knox
Front Row : Mr. W. McCallion, Mr. W. Grant, M. McBride, Mr. H. Simpson, Dr. Hunter, J. Downey, M. Dickson, J. Holmes, N. Blevings



P. Anderson was a peripetetic Art teacher.
The lady second from right in the middle row whose surname no one can provide was a classroom assistant. If you can help please email us.

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