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The Grove 2000 Pupil Produced School Magazine

The Grove 2000 Pupil Produced School Magazine

Interview with Mr. Thompson

1 Do you enjoy being the principal at Elmgrove Primary School?
Yes, I have been the Principal of 3 schools and Elmgrove is easily the best.
2 Where did you work before coming to Elmgrove?
I worked in Belfast Education and Library Board, my job was to go round schools and help to make them better.
3 What classes have you taught during your career?
P5,P6 and P7.
4 What is your favourite subject?
English, especially reading and writing.
5 What schools have you taught in over the years?
Harding Memorial Primary School
Newtownbreada Primary School
Fullerton House Preparatory School
Harding Memorial as Principal
Elmgrove Primary School
6 What ideas have you about spending the £3000 donation which Elmgrove has received?
We hope to make many improvements to the grounds of Elmgrove with our 'Growths in Grounds' action plan. Areas of improvement will inclucie the Copse Area where trees will be pruned, flowers planted and nestin boxes provided. The grass area will be re-seeded to make it suitable for games. In keeping with the environmental theme we hope to create a tree nursery and clean out the pond area. In keeping with the true spirit of Elmgrove the infants will also benefit from the repainting of their playground.



Interview with Miss Brown

1 What were your first impressions of Elmgrove?
I was immediately impressed at how friendly and helpful the Elmgrove staff and pupils are. With so much going on during school hours and in after-school clubs, it is an extremely exciting place to work.
For the first few days it was a challenge to find my way around such a large building. I remember feeling so relieved the first time I managed to fincl my way from my car to my classroom without taking several wrong turns and having to ask directions.
2 What classes have you taught?
I have only ever taught Year 6 and Year 7 classes, so it's been quite a change to see what life is like in Year 5! 3 Do you have any pets?
I have an incredibly badly-behaved Tibetan Terrier (or should I say Tibetan Terror!) called Muttley who enjoys taking me for walks and playing football in the garden at weekends!
4 What are your hobbies and interests?
My favourite hobbies are dancing and drama. I also love travelling to different countries and experiencing different cultures. After last summer's amazing trail from Delhi to Kathmandu, I can hardly wait to start planning my next adventure. Eat your heart out Indianna Jones!!!


Interview with Miss Harper

1 Where did you do your teacher training?
Stranmillis College
2 How many years did you train?
3 Where was your first teaching post?
Greenhaw Primary School Londonderry
4 What are your likes and dislikes about teaching?
I like to see children being proud of their work and achievements. I don't like to have to do lots of marking.
5 Do you prefer teaching the juniors or the seniors?
6 Do you like teaching in Elmgrove ?
Very much. It is as if I have been teaching here for years instead of months! Everyone is so friendly.
7 What was your first impression of the school?
It was very large and it took a while to work out the layout. A very happy and friendly school.
8 Do you have any hobbies outside school?
If I have time I like to garden or sew and if I am very lucky I enjoy walking on the beaches at Portballintrae or the White Rocks.


Sports Report

The school team has played several matches lately. They train every Tuesday from 3:00pm to 4:15pm. They entered a Coca-Cola 7 a-side competition. They played well and were unfortunate not to progress to the next round. They drew every match.
They played against Cregagh and lost 7-3. The players who scored were Benjamin who scored two and Darren who managed to get one goal .Their next match was against Rosetta and we won 5-0. Our scores were Benjamin 3, Alan and Darren got one each.

The P7s and the P4s have been taking swimming lessons at Avoniel Leisure Centre. The P7s started on the 3rd of March and the P4s on the 13th of March. The pupils are split into 2 groups swimmers and nonswimmers. The P7 swimmers have started to swim lengths. The nonswimmers are improving before they move into the swimmers.

Netball is held on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00.They play practise matches and learn new skills for matches. There are 16 at the course and they train to get picked for matches and hope they impress the teachers. Good luck to all that train.



Orchestra meets every Wednesday from 3 :00 until 3:45 and is taken by Mrs. Lynas. There are about 20 people in the orchestra. The orchestra is divided into 2 groups, firsts and seconds. There are 4 violins, 1 flute, 10 trumpets, 5 clarinets and 2 horns. During the year we went to Drumalla House to practice for our Christmas Concert. Our Concert was called Musical Memories and we played 'Chariots of fire,' 'We'll walk the land' and many more songs from the 30's to the 70's.
We also went to Bloomfield Presbyterian to entertain at their ladies meeting. We played a selection of pieces iTom the concert which were thoroughly enjoyed at both performances.

Choir meets every Thursday from 3.00pm until 3.45pm. It has about 40 members from P5, P6, and P7 and is taken by Miss Hogg. This year the choir played a big part in the Concert "Musical Memories." They sang songs from the last 70 years such as 'We'll meet again,' 'When I get older,' and 'Rock around the clock,' This proved to be a very enjoyable repetoire both for the choir and the audience. The choir used these songs again to entertain at Bloomfield Presbyterian and were thoroughly enjoyed.
Currently the choir are practising hard for their next performance. They are entering the 'School Choir of the Year,' They will be singing 'When I get older', 'A Little peace' and 'Down by the Sally Gardens.' We wish the choir all the best for their competition. I'm sure they will do the school proud.

The Tiny Bird
The Tiny Bird is a mini-musical about Easter and Spring and the joy and excitement of new life in Spring. lt is about a little bird who goes on a tour. On his tour he meets lots of signs of Spring such as baby animals, insects and flowers. The tiny bird gets caught up in a storm and his wings are broken. A man comes along and touches him and his wings are fixed.
The P1's P2's and P3's have been working hard for many weeks now, leaming the words to the songs and they will be perfonning it in the last week of term.


Scripture Union
Scripture Union is a club that meet every Friday afternoon from 3.00pm to 3.45pm for P5 and P6. During Scripture Union they play games, go on trips and sometimes have visiting speakers who talk about the Bible. It is a very enjoyable club and much can be learnt from going to it. If you are in P5 or P6 and are free on a Friday afternoon, join Scripture Union or miss out.

Mozambique Collection
During the last few weeks classes have been collecting for Mozambique which has been badly affected by floods recently. Around the school there have been several Tear Fund boxes handed out. Mr. Thompson reported that £360 has been raised. Thank You to everyone who has supported this worthy cause.


Art Generations
Interview with Mrs. Beattie
1. At wbat age did you start art?
I always loved drawing in my free time. My dad still has all the drawings and paintings I did from 4 years old. I used to draw pictures for my mum when she had to go into hospitaI for Iong periods of time. I did art for a level although I hadn't done it before for exams. I got an A and then did it as my main subject at teacher training college.
2 Does the talent run through your family?
My mum was very creative. She could nmake anything! She made wonderful birthday cakes like animals, she made all my clothes, she knitted for other people too, she recovered chains and made curtains. I think she must have been very artistic though I never saw her sketching or paõnting anything. Nobody else in my family was artistic but my middie son is very good and wants to go to art college.
3 What is your favourite type of art?
I don't have a favouritte I like lots of variety and I'd hate to have to do the same thing every day. People have often said that I should start selling things but I'd hate to have to sit down and make 200 things alI the same. I like trying out new things.
4 What are your ambitions forthe children at Elmgrove Primary regarding art?
In Elmgrove my ambition for the children would be to get loads of enjoyment from being creative. I think every single person is creative though they may not be artistically talented, and there is so much satisfaction to be gained from making something or creating something whether it's decorating a room, painting a picture, making a mosaic, giving someone a new haircut or throwing a pot. When the children in Elmgrove are grown up I'd Iike to think they would spend some of their free time in creative activities and not feel it's a stuffy boring thing to do.

5 What do you do in your spare time.
Walk the dogs - I do that a lot! Go to the gym. Watch videos. Go to the cinema. Wash and iron clothes, do the shopping! Looking after the family doesn't Ieave much free time for doing creative things but I Iike decorating the house- painting on the walls, stencilling, painting furniture. I always allowed my children to paint on their bedroom walis - it's great fun and if it doesn't work out you just paint over it!


About Art Generations
Art Generations is all about people getting together with their families. There are different groups to pick from and the tutors will come and teach you how to do skills. Every Saturday you meet up at one of the following, PIaster casting with Grainne Keilty, Wood Sculpture with Owen Crawford (very impressive!) and lots, lots more .
The work, which is very impressive can be viewed and admired throughout the school building. Even if you think you are not artistic come along to Art Generations you might discover talents you didn't know you had!
The next session of Art Generations is starting soon with some new and exciting classes. If you are interested in art or would just like to enioy some time with your family sign up and be a part of Art Generations.


Interview With Owen
How long have you been doing wood sculpture for?
Since 1988, I have been self employed from 1989.
Do you enjoy any other art?
Dance, music, painting, theatre and the excitement of creating.
What do you like about wood sculpture?
The beauty of the natural substance and its versatility to become so many dreams and wishes.
What is your Favourite type of art?
Animal carving.
Do you have any pets that you copy on to the wood?
I have a cat but as yet she hasn't been copied.
What do you do in your spare time?
Play with my family.
Does the sculpture run through your family?
My parents are very resourceful people, sculpture is something my father always appreciates along with music, theatre and any other of the arts. My mother is far more interested in the reaI world of nature.


Interview With Grainne
1 How long have you been doing plaster and mosaic work for?
7-8 years.
2 Do you enjoy it?
Yes very much, but more so as a group than by myself.
3 What do you like about plaster and mosaic work?
I like the different colours and shapes you can make. It is also very therapeutic and keeps me sane!
4 What do you do in your spare time (apart from plaster and mosaic)
Sleep, eat, walk sometimes, and go to galleries, openings and the odd time I go to the pub purely for medicinal purposes!
5 What do you like most out of plaster and mosaic?
I like teaching art and doing art. I like body casting and doing other faces.
6 Why?
Because when I'm doing casting I'm never quite sure what it will work out like in mosaic - you don't know until it's finished whether you will be pleased.


Free Books for Schools
Currently FImgrove Prim~ary School has collected 4,700 tokens for the free books for schools scheme. Last year we collected 42,000 and received 300 beautiful books for each class library and many new reading books .The tokens can be found in Walkers crisps, newspapers such as News Of The World, The Sun and The Sunday Times.We need 50 tokens for a thin book, 100 for a slightly bigger book, 250 for an even bigger book or a book with a tape. Then there are books, which we need 500 tokens for and they are called " big books" and are very educational. Mrs Martin who is in charge of this scheme says that very pleased with the effort from some people but thinks we can do a bit better. So come on Elmgrove keep bringing in those tokens.

Computers for Schools
So far Elmgrove Primary School have collected 7,000 vouchers. This year we are aiming to collect 22,000 vouchers for the item Miss Kealy has chosen from the catalogue provided. Last year we collected 26,000 vouchers and received for our effort a new P.C, a scanner and a printer. So far Miss Kealy thinks we can do a bit better. The scheme ends in June so we have to hurry up and start bring any at we have at home in now! So keep eating the food and drinking the juice then you have to get some more, shop at Tescos and bring in the vouchers.

Free Maths Stuff For Schools
Currently Elmgrove Primary School have been collecting tokens in order to get free maths stuff for the school, such as scales, compasses, protractors and lots of other equipment. There are still lots of tokens to be collected and counted which are in the box and some classes have also not sent them to Mr Gray. So far we've collected approximately 1500 tokens. This is where the tokens can be found - Hula Hoops crisp packets, Skips, any Mc Vities biscuits and many newspapers. Mr Gray says he is quite pleased with how many we've collected seeing that there are so many schemes to collect tokens and vouchers for. Mr Gray thinks this is a very good idea and so does the newspaper club so lets take advantage of this and keep making mum and dad cups of tea making sure they have some Mc Vities biscuits to eat and a newspaper to read as well as yourself.

Nestle Education Box tops
Currently Elmgrove Primary School has been collecting Nestle Education Box Tops in order to receive money for the school. Each token is worth lOp for our school and we are allowed to spend it on whatever we want. You can find these box tops on any Nestle cereal box such as Shreddies, Cherrios, Nesquick, Frosted Sherddies, Honey Nut Cherrios, Shredded Wheat Bitesize, Shredded Wheat, Coco Shreddies, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Grahams, Fruitful Shredded Wheat, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, Clusters and Fibre. There are so many places that you can find them it's not hard to find them. Although we have not collected many tokens so far we would like to thank anyone who has brought in any tokens. Thank you very much.

Mozambique Fund
Recently Elmgrove primary School have been raising money for Mozambique. This was to help with conditions after the terrible flood. We raised money be having an off homework night. Each pupil brought in 20p to get the night off homework. Also many classes had tins or small boxes in their classrooms where the pupils could place their spare change. With all the hard work and generosity Elmgrove managed to collect £360 for Mozambique which has gone to provide medical supplies, clean water and planting seeds for food. Elmgrove would like to thank everyone who contributed to this fund or who helped in any way. Thank You.

Free Sports For Schools
The new Free Sports for Schools scheme is run by Tetley Tea. The scheme enables the school to get more sports equipment for P.E. and after school sporting activities,, You simply have to collect the special tokens from Tetley Teabags and bring them into school. There is a box for them outside Mr. Gray's room. For every 12 tokens we could receive a tennis ball but if we collect more we can get better equipment. Hopefully this scheme will happen every year. This year's scheme ends on October 1st so until then drink lots of Tetley tea and keep collecting those tokens!


(Education For Mutual Understanding)

1 Have there been any E.M.U trips to date this year?
Yes, our class visited their school for games and a tour. They came over to Elmgrove for computers (Vikings) and athletics.
2 Who is Elmgroves partner school for this year?
This year Elmgroves partner school is St. Teresa's Primary School, Glen Rd. Belfast.
3 What trips are planned for the future?
There are residentials planned to Drumalla and Delamount and a trip to Downpatrick Museum.
4 How do the children from both schools act with each other?
They played games on the first visit which got them to mix well. St. Teresa's has girls and boys so it is easy to make friends. They have got on quite well so far and have written letters and sent Christmas cards to each other.


Jodie's First Day at School
Jodie says "I got up easily on my first day at school, as a matter of fact I eouldn't wait to get to school I was really excited but a bit nervous. I walked to school with my mum and the children she was babysitting at that time. When I got to school I saw lots of children crying but I didn't know why because I wasn't crying and was really excited. My classroom was P1H and my teacher was called Mrs Horner. I sat beside a boy called Gary Holmes and my best friend was Kerri-Ann. I know 1 didn't cry when I was starting Elmgrove but I'rn certaintly going to cry when I leave Elmgrove because I have always loved my school and I don't want to leave it.