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Write Around the World (Summer Scheme)

For the summer scheme we are travelling around the world. First stop is Japan. Passports are needed!



Back Packers Rap
We're the backpackers we're alright
We will never lose the fight
We can do things if we try
We're so good that we can fly.

We're the backpackers we're the best
All the losers are the rest
We're the backpackers we will win
We will make the BIGGEST DIN!

Back Packers' Newspaper about Kimuno's visit.


Globe Trotters Rap
Globe Trotters...We really are the best
We can swim 
We can boogie
We are better than the rest

Globe Trotters...We're really, really cool
We are trendy
We are groovy
We're the best at Elmgrove School

Globe Trotters' Newspaper about Kumiko and her kimonos.


Jet Setters Rap
The kids are here so you'd better stop and look.
We're cool and we're sporty and we like to read books.
We've come to the club, 'Write Around The World'.
With so many places to go we'll soon be in a twirl.

There's so much to do every week is cool.
If you're not here you'll be the fool.
But there's only one team that will pass the test.
And that's the jetters, 'CAUSE WE'RE THE BEST!

Jet Setters' Newspaper about Kumiko showing origami.

Lost Luggage Work

Introduction to Japan

Kumiko came on Tuesday 4th July to talk about Japan and showed how to write her name. In Japan you write the surname first, Christian name second. If you were called Tom Smith, you would write Smith Tom.




On Thursday 6th July the children went to Avoniel Leisure Centre for a Ju-Jitsu lesson. Afterwards they made posters advertising ju-jitsu classes. The winning entry will be used at Avoniel Leisure Centre.